East Africa ToursAfrica Is Not Just a Place We Love and Live In; It Is the Very Essence of Our Existence. From Our Birth to Our Upbringing, This Magnificent Continent Has Shaped Who We Are.

An African safari tour is one once-in-a-lifetime experience, and hitherto, no two safari adventures – no two wildlife viewing – are forever the same. From the endless savannah of the Serengeti to the puzzling Water Rafting of the Nile River in Uganda, the everlasting array of sceneries, wildlife, and the culture of the people you encounter there keeps a traveler’s homecoming. In reality, approximately half of our customers are recurring or recommending holidaymakers.

Subsequently, in 2018, we’ve been devoted to enhancing our acquaintance with every destination, accommodation, and activity we mention from our 500+ prudently curated safari cohorts. We go upstairs and beyond, drifting the length and extensiveness of every safari destination we feature in our itineraries to be able to share our genuine travel knowledge and dispassionate advice and guarantee that we experience every single part of your safari itinerary before sending you there.

We’ve grown up in the National Parks, worked as lodge supervisors and safari guides, and spent most of our time on game reserves; we comprehend what it takes to tailor each trip to Africa to be a memorable experience.
Book with us, and we’ll be together with you from our first hello, 24/7 support. Leave the time zone difference on us whenever you need us; we will be right there for you. Whether you wish to see the Big Cats, witness the Wildebeest Migration Safari, go on a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda, search for Big-Five, track chimpanzees in Akagera National Park, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, we will help create a seamless safari experience to duck you in the fairy-tale of Africa.
As a locally owned safari company in Africa, we ensure your money goes around the underprivileged communities, contributes to conservation projects, and enhances sustainable tourism in East Africa.

Just like George Clooney and Brad Pitt were brought together by “Ocean’s Eleven.”
Omary and Goodluck were brought together by Safari Passion back in 2018 and are now owners of the East Africa Safari Guides Tour Company with offices in Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda. Together, they have traveled worldwide and across Tanzania; we have attended as many Travel Shows on Earth to the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and South Africa, to name a few.

In our daily lives, we often draw inspiration from the way others lead their lives. This has a profound impact on shaping our own identities and has contributed significantly to our present selves. Not only do we find inspiration, but we also discover valuable lessons and achieve a sense of fulfillment by pursuing our passions.

The journey to my passion by Goodluck Sikawa;

Goodluck Sikawa

I am a Medical School dropout student; why? Many parents love to see their children doing what parents think would be better for their children, Anh! Here in Africa, parents appreciate being recognized by their titles.

Her son is an engineer, and his daughter is a pilot. That felt better than anything else!

My Mama wanted me to be a Medical doctor, but I wanted to work in the tourism industry; if I could refuse to join a medical school, no one could pay a fee for my tourism college.

Things didn’t work in medical school, and I had to leave the college and opt for a year of tourism college study; after college, I worked in Ruaha National Park as a safari guide for one year. I spent most of the time learning about the park’s ecosystem. June 2016 marked the beginning of East Africa Safari Guides.

While waiting for my clients to arrive at Musembe airstrip, I met a couple from South Africa stranded at the airport; after speaking with them, I realized they had booked their trip with an international safari company whose office wasn’t in Tanzania but used in-country natives to handle their tours and all logistics, maybe a chauffeur late because he stuck somewhere?

He wasn’t reachable on the phone either. I knew it was time to start a locally owned agency to help travelers like the ones I met. In August 2016, I returned to my hometown, Arusha, where I met Omary Mchomvu, a fantastic inspiration.

While working in Ruaha National Park, I had the pleasure of meeting an American woman who worked for an extensive tour agency in Arusha; she spent time valuing my career. After a few months, I became a safari guru and was hired by her company. I worked for her company for two years until 2018, when the idea of East Africa Safari Guides came alive.

We joined the passions with Omary and brought our own business to Earth!

I’ve hiked Kilimanjaro countless times and visited nearly all National Parks and Islands nationwide! I am very excited to share these dazzling attractions of East Africa with you.

Would you like to know what happened to my mother after dropping out of medical school? It’s fascinating and will be the first thing I explain to you when I meet you in Tanzania!


Omary Mchomvu

In many African families, it is highly valued for family members to pursue what are considered “noble” professions. Omary’s family shared this sentiment and hoped he would become a secondary teacher.

As a result, Omary Mchomvu decided to join Dar es Salaam University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, specializing in education.

However, his passion proved to be stronger than any formal qualification.

After completing his studies and spending two years soul-searching in the streets, Omary Mchomvu followed his dreams instead. He opened a small retail shop before eventually venturing into mining centers. He quit all that and turned to his awaited career. Within a short period, Omary immersed himself in the world of tourism, mastering every aspect.

Simultaneously, he undertook a German course to broaden his language skills. Remarkably, within just one year, he embarked on his career as a tour guide.

Undeterred, Omary started 2017 as a safari guide and received excellent reviews from every client he accompanied on their journeys. But Omary’s dream did not stop there. He had the opportunity to meet Goodluck Sikawa, and together, they started a small company in 2018 while Omary was still studying German.

Currently, Omary is not just a safari guide but also a passionate safari designer. He travels extensively throughout the country, seeking inspiration for creating unique safari experiences for his clients.