Affordable Tanzania Wildlife Safaris : Budget African Safari experience cost. Though many safari tour operators undermine budget travelers here at East Africa Safari Guides touring company, we define it as a way of exploring new places. That budget safari has nothing to do with richness or unstable financial circumstances. We treat everyone equally with respect, love, care, and hospitality. 

The African continent has so much to offer, from the great plains of Serengeti National Park to the Stream of Gombe National Park. Every budget traveler is guaranteed to see as much as possible. Wildlife is stunning, landscapes are gorgeous, and cultures are beautiful from the Pare people in the Kilimanjaro region, Makonde community in the Mtwara region, Hehe in the Iringa region, Bantu indigenous of Africa is something that you should never miss while exploring African Safari.

Our professional team will help you put together the type of safari itinerary that you need, regardless of the budget that you bring to the table. We have strong ties with our country, we know every corner, and we understand how things work; contact us for an incredibly affordable safari package tailored just for you.