Beach Holidays in East Africa : East African Beach Extension Safari. The East African coast has many beautiful beaches that are popular tourist sites. The white beaches are popular with travelers who want a unique experience. If you wish to vacation on a beach, East Africa is the best place to start.

An enjoyable beach extension can take a lot of work to plan and execute. Detailed planning and the best places to hang out may take work for a first-time traveler. However, East Africa Safari Guides offers excellent beach extensions in East Africa.

Kenyan coast

The Kenyan coast is one of the best places to spend time on the beach. There are plenty of water sports and activities to explore. The white sand and the calm waters are everything you need to unwind. Sample seafood and experience the best of hospitality in the finest hotels in the region.

The south coast has plenty of spots like the Diani beach and the Wasini dolphin island. There are many activities here, like swimming with the dolphins, as well as water activities. You can also enjoy the day trip to Shimba Hills National Park.

Head to Mombasa and enjoy the buzzing nightlife and explore other historical sites. Also, explore the ancient Swahili history and sample the street food. Head over to Mtwapa and sample the vibrant nightlife. Hit several clubs and exclusive beaches in the area.

The North Coast has even more serene sights to enjoy a beach vacation. Kilifi, Watamu, and Malindi are also tourist hotspots. Notably, there is fine accommodation from choice beach resorts and hotels. The beaches are vibrant, with many activities, including horse riding and boat rides, swimming, and water sports. Engage in water sports and bask out in the warm Kenyan sun. Additionally, visit Watamu Marine Park and explore the intriguing underwater.

Lamu is yet another place to explore the best Kenyan coast beach extension. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Experience the breathtaking stone town. There is less pollution, primarily by foot or animal transport. Lamu Island is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy the beach. You can take boat rides for fun. Also, it is the only way to connect to the mainland.

Tanzanian coast

If you get bored by the Kenyan coast, try the Tanzanian coast. If you are an East African, you only require a pass or a passport to board a bus, flight, or boat from the North or South Coast. The Islands like Pemba and Mafia are a delight.

Dar es Salaam is another destination rich with cultural contrasts. The rich Swahili culture lives in the hearts of women who wear khangas and their daughters in black bui-bui. The men wear Omani-style koftas, while the young wear hip-hop-style get-ups.

Enjoy the best bush and the beach with tours to Sadaani National Park. Swim with the dolphins out in the sea. Watch sea turtles on the beach and the Hippos that come out to play at night in the river. Deep dive into Mikindani’s hidden spots and explore the wildlife underwater. Ultimately, Ushongo Beach stretches between Kenya and Tanzania.

The towns on the North Coast, such as Bagamoyo, Tanga, and Pangani, bear so much history of the African people. They represent places where traders would buy and keep slaves ready for transit through the sea. There are ruins like Kaole and the Vestiges Arab town, which played host to the slave trade.

You can go beyond and explore the fabulous beaches in the area. The smaller islands and the vast beach area bordering the mainland have much to offer. You can rest here while waiting for your flight. You may also enjoy the Swahili delicacies. There is a contrast between Kenyan and Tanzanian cuisine.


Zanzibar is the ultimate luxurious Swahili coast. It is famous as the land of spices. Also, the area is a tourist favorite, with many opting to enter through Dar es Salam and board a ferry to the island. There are great spots to vacation, with hotels and lodges offering the best services.

The government aims to make it a top tourist destination in the world. You can explore the marine resources in the area. The trips and tours around the town are worth it. Ultimately, Zanzibar has a lot to offer regarding a beach extension vacation.

Beach Safaris with East Africa Safari Guides.

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