Arusha Outdoor Tours – Tours to do in Arusha – Tanzania : Arusha outdoor tours/Things to do in Arusha; Arusha is bustling and yet charming town located in northern Tanzania, this is city is a gateway to the most attractive safari destinations in Africa such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National Park, Lake Duluti to mention a few. Arusha city is mainly occupied by Maasai tribe, Meru tribe and Waarusha tribe who make the city most vibrant because of the culture interactive. While in Arusha there are so many activities you can opt to do on your Arusha outdoor tours/Things to do in Arusha, Arusha cover the total area of 37,576 km² (23349 miles) which gives visitors a wider range of activities in the city, some of the area are completely unexplored like Enduimet Wildlife Area.

What is Enduimet Wildlife?

Enduimet is a wildlife sanctuary located in Longido district situated at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro is controlled Wildlife Management Area (WMA) this land is allotted within the area of 9 villages stretches to 1, 283 kilometers. Enduimet borders the Kilimanjaro National Park to the southeast and Amboseli National Park to the west thus makes the area rich for greatest number of Elephants.

This area is a hidden gem in Arusha, perfect for camping safari in Arusha to see array of wildlife such as zebras, elephants, giraffes, wildebeests and over 200 species of birds. You can embark on an Arusha outdoor tours or Arusha tours by chilling in this stunning backdrop of Tanzania wildlife ecosystem.

You can join our Arusha outdoors safari or things to do in Arusha by booking the below tour with East Africa Safari Guides. This tour in Arusha offers the best opportunity to explore the Arusha village on foot, learn the cultures of Maasai tribe and engage on wildlife sightseeing in Arusha interior area of Enduimet. This area is also called “Small Garden of Eden” for its uniqueness.

9 Day Arusha Wildlife Safari & Cultural tours | Enduimet Camping Safari with East Africa Safari Guides

Day 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport and transfer to Panorama Camps

When you arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport, our representative will meet you and bring you to your booked accommodation in Arusha. Depending on your arrival time, you may go for a short stroll around the hotel to witness how the locals live in the Arusha region, or you may relax at the hotel and prepare for your next trip.

Day 2: Arusha Town Tour-camping Arusha panorama

Arusha is Tanzania’s second largest city after Dar es Salaam. Engaging in YOGA early in the morning from a panoramic perspective of your first day in Tanzania is a good option. It is a good idea to take a diversion to Arusha before beginning your African trip. A visit to the local market with your guide will provide you with a firsthand understanding of how Tanzanians live and meet their daily requirements. In the afternoon, you may head to one of the town’s restaurants and get some lunch. If you like snakes, there is a snake park around 20 kilometers outside the city center where you may observe many types of African snakes. Return to your campground in the evening for an overnight stay and stories around the fire pit.

Day 3: Chemka-Camping ground in Chemka

Depending on the day of the week, camping in Chemka throughout the week is really fantastic because it is not crowded and the water is crystal clear in the morning. So, after breakfast, you’ll pack your belongings, making sure to include your swimming suits. Chemka is about two hours’ drive from Arusha, and along route you will pass by Tengeru, a small market where you may stock up on supplies for your camping trip. When you get in Chemka in the evening, you may participate in various water sport activities with local swimmers. Don’t forget to soak your legs in the water for free foot massage from the little fishes that live there. You will camp along the running river in the evening and enjoy a fireplace.

Day 4: Drive from Chemka to Maasai Village of Enduimet

Arusha Outdoor Tours

Your morning from Chemka will make you question whether you are indeed in Tanzania. Get up early in the morning to practice YOGA. This experience is particularly beneficial to your mental and physical well-being because of the natural swimming pool with exceptionally clear water where you can even watch the movement of little fishes at the deep floor. Take your time and absorb the surroundings. The adventure does not end there; get ready after DIY breakfast and go to the Maasai plain. When you arrive in Maasai country, you will be greeted with an incredible traditional dance from Maasai communities. There, your lunch will be cooked, and you will have time to recuperate before the following day’s activities.

Day 5: Maasai Cultural Exchange tour at Enduimet

While there, you will get the opportunity to assist Maasai locals in their everyday duties, such as traditional dance, milking, and livestock care, as well as visit Maasai schools to learn how Maasai females can now obtain an education.

Enduimet lies on the Tanzania-Kenya border between Amboseli National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro. So, the wildlife game watching here is simply spectacular; you may encounter elephants, zebras, and other wild creatures. Also, night game drives are quite authentic here since you may go out at night and discover the Nocturnal.

Later in the evening you will pitch your tents and make story around the bonfire with Maasai leader. You will have a very deep insight about this ancient tribe who still preserve their culture till today. Complete your day by tasting a local goat BBQ prepared just for you.

Day 9: Enduimet Maasai Land-Arusha Park

Wake up on the Maasai plains and eat breakfast before continuing to Arusha National Park. There are famous national parks in Tanzania such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro, but we chose Arusha national park because of some factors that will positively affect your vacation. First, the park has a lot of activities other than wildlife safaris, such as canoeing in Momella Lake or a short hike to Mount Meru. Your lunch will be provided with a breathtaking view that will make you feel like you’re in heaven. Later in the evening, you will return to Arusha Panorama for the sunset, bonfire, food, and sleep.

Day 10: Tarangire National Park-Panorama Safari Camp Mto wa Mbu

Today is an African savannah wildlife cruise day. After breakfast, you will go to Tarangire National Park to explore the animals. Three hours will be sufficient to get you there in luxury. A journey in search of wildlife iconic animals such as elephants, giraffes, and buffalo, as well as predators like as lions, leopards, and cheetahs, will commence. Tarangire offers its guests everything, from animals to breathtaking scenery.

Lunch will be served at one of the secluded picnic areas, followed by a last game drive before returning to your hotel.

Day 9: Hadzabe Cultural Tour at Lake Eyasi-Panorama

Wake up to a panoramic view of Gregory Rift Valley; it is time to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing with a symbiotic combination of Yoga and meditation strengthened by sunrise.

After breakfast, you will begin your journey to the Hadzabe civilization, the home of gatherers and hunters. The culture survives on raw meat obtained by killing tiny rodents and consuming honey. You will get the opportunity to work with them and learn about their ancient rituals.

During the lunch hour, you will be transported to the lakeshore and fed your meal there. Later in the evening, you’ll return to your lodging for sunset yoga and a campfire before the mystery supper.

Day 9: Transfer Home

This is the last day of your Tanzania journey; you may have one last YOGA practice before your farewell breakfast and transfer to the airport for your international departure home.

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