Best Time to Visit Uganda : The temperature in Uganda is constant yearly because the country lies on the equator. Seasons can only be distinguished by the rainfall patterns spanning from March to May and October to November. However, Uganda’s Safari destination can be visited throughout the year. 

Visiting Uganda in January

During January, Uganda experiences dryness, roads are passable, and the weather is cool, making it the best month to explore the Uganda Safaris. Because the country is situated at the equator, you may expect some showers during the day, but less heavy than the March or May rains. This is the ideal time for those who would like to go on a Uganda camping safari.

Visiting Uganda in February

February is also a dry season and is the best time for wildlife safaris, trekking adventures, gorilla tracking, and hiking expeditions. During this month, travelers can enjoy the boat safaris. 

Uganda is best for birding safaris, especially from December to February when migratory birds arrive

The temperature in Uganda during February rises significantly to 26 c degrees centigrade, marking it as the hottest time of the year.

Animals gather at the remaining waterholes during February, making it the best time to see the highest number of animals.   

During December and January, Uganda receives fewer tourists; hence, hotels and lodges lower their prices, making it an affordable time to visit Uganda. The East Africa Safari Guides team advises you to get your gorilla permit in advance.

Visiting Uganda in March

After the driest months of January and February, March receives heavy and prolonged rains until May. However, rains are likely to pour during the evening hours or nights.  

During March, it is still possible to go on a Safari in Uganda to see Chimpanzees and Gorillas tracking adventure. Please be aware that, at times, the trekking will be slippery and make it somehow challenging. 

In the rainy season, it is much easier to spot Gorillas as they hide at the lower land, which is warmer.  

Hotels and lodges will drop prices dramatically, so there is no need to worry about availability. This is the best time to travel and a pocket-friendly season.

Temperature ranges from 25 – 27 degrees centigrade in March

Visiting Uganda in April

April experiences the highest volume of rainfall, and the heavy rains will tear up most roads; accommodations are very cheap during this time. The savannah grasslands become greenish, making Uganda a little paradise on Earth.  

The driving can be challenging, but our East Africa Safari Guides drivers are competent and know the area well; the Uganda Wildlife Safari during April is superb, with visitors and excellent game drives.

Northern Uganda has drier weather during April; if you want to escape the rain, consider visiting Murchison Falls National Park. 

The temperature drops to 26 centigrade during April.

Visiting Uganda in May

Until mid-May, Uganda will still experience rains, but not as heavy as in March and April. 

Gorilla tracking continues to be more accessible; many will be on the slopes of the mountains seeking warm grounds, and birds are everywhere because flowers are blooming, ensuring enough food. May is an excellent time for birdwatchers in Uganda. 

During the day, the weather is warm, and at some point, a downpour can occur and change any plan you might’ve; sometimes, temperatures range from 22 -25 degrees Celsius. Many hotels and lodges will close during May, and only a few remain operational, thus making the price drop dramatically, and Uganda Safari cost can be highly affordable in May. Kibale National Park is best to visit in May because chimpanzees become more vigorous. Murchison Falls is also best in May for Chimps safari tours in Uganda.

Visiting Uganda in June

June marks the start of the high tourism peak in Uganda; the country receives a relatively higher number of visitors, and prices for hotels and lodges fluctuate consistently. At East Africa Safari Guides Tour Company, we recommend booking your Uganda Wildlife Safari 12 – 6 months in advance to ensure you get the best rates and secure the accommodation of your choice. In June, Gorilla Permits get fully booked quickly. Getting the permit ahead of time is a wiser idea, and we can help you with that.

Uganda is greenish across the country, but tracking the gorillas becomes more burdensome and takes longer since they return to their mountain forts. Still, roads are clear, drier, and accessible.

Uganda is overcrowded in June; Murchison Falls is spectacular to visit. After heavy rains, the falls flow hard.

Visiting Uganda in July

July is one of the driest months in Uganda. Temperature is moderate across the country, but remember that Uganda is set on the equator. It can downpour at any time. Wildlife Safari in Uganda is best during July when the visitors flock in. 

Best Time to Visit Uganda
Wildlife Safari in Uganda

The temperature in July is 25 degrees Celsius; July is the best month for gorilla trekking and safaris in Uganda. Dryness makes it easier to spot the animals congregating at the waterholes.

Lodging prices are very high, and competition for obtaining the gorilla permit is big.

Booking your Uganda safari in advance is the best way to avoid the last-minute rush; our East Africa Safari Guides tour operators in Uganda can help you.

Best Time to Visit Uganda : Visiting Uganda in August

August is the last dry month in Uganda; the game drives are still perfect in all places across the country. Uganda still experiencing the highest number of visitors; animal viewing is excellent in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you can see some Big Five animals.

Bird migratory flocks to the southern part of the country during August, when the temperature rises to 26 degrees Celsius.

Most safari hotels are still expensive, and gorilla permits are in high demand.

Best Time to Visit Uganda : Visiting Uganda in September

Short rains in Uganda begin in September, and the number of visitors starts to lower dramatically; hence, the accommodation prices are reduced. September is now a budget-friendly month to tour for Uganda budget safaris. As it starts to downpour, gorilla tracking also becomes more demanding. The trail to the mountain is muddier.

Vegetation started to deplete, and wildlife safari sightseeing in Uganda became more accessible; many animals lined up on the few remaining waterholes in the park for drinking. Visiting Uganda in September, you guarantee yourself the best African wildlife safari tour experience.

The temperature in September shoots to 27 Celsius degree, and the country can be a bit hotter.

Best Time to Visit Uganda : Visiting Uganda in October

October is the end of high tourism season in Uganda, and heavy rains fall daily; however, the county is much drier than in March and April.

Gorillas retreat to the lowest slopes of the mountains, seeking the hottest grounds, especially in Bwindi Forest. It is time when Gorilla tracking becomes more accessible, but routes can be very slippery; you should bring trekking gear and raincoats.

 Please remember, our guides advise if the excursion should be on a particular day, depending on the weather. 

Lodges and hotels drop their prices in October, and some don’t; that being said, where you’d like to stay in October will determine the cost of your trip to Uganda.

Visiting Uganda in November

The dryness has vanished; in November, Uganda becomes very greenish, landscapes change from brownish to evergreens, migratory birds flock in the country, and downpours are very intensive across the country. Many roads become hard to transverse, many lodges are closed, and only a few operate. 

Gorilla safari is more leisurely as many primates are at the mountain’s base, and only the road becomes challenging. 

Visiting Uganda in December

During December, Uganda becomes dry as the November rain stops. The wildlife is remarkable; many people arrive worldwide to explore the country—Christmas and New Year celebrations boom during December in Uganda. 

Uganda family safaris and couple trips are the best during December; many hotels and lodges will be expensive. However, booking with a reputable safari company like East Africa Safari Guides is a good option as we have affordable prices.

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