How to travel cheaply to Serengeti, Tanzania : Tanzania safaris are one of the experiences that every travel enthusiast is dying for; Tanzania is located as an East African safari destination with more than 22 National park and several game reserves that together offers the best Tanzania hiking safaris, Tanzania wildebeest safaris, Tanzania birding expeditions, and cultural tours. However, the big challenge many people face when planning their trip to Tanzania is budget, and they need to learn where to go with their tight budget. Today, we are bringing out our expert advice, and once you read and understand these tips, you will find it simple to plan the next Tanzania holiday trip.

Read the best six tips on How to go on a budget Tanzania safari with East Africa Safari Guides.

  1. Book with locally owned Safari Company

Suppose you put the word Tanzania safari on a Google search engine. In that case, all that pops up are international safari companies, but they add up a lot of margins to cover their expense since the profit needs to go through long individual chains. We’re not blaming that adding a lot of value is unfair. However, the locally owned safari experience offers the same or sometimes more valued safari tours than overseas travel companies. Remember, all these international companies will always have in-country personnel to handle their tours. If you want to travel more cheaply, book your Tanzania expedition with a locally-owned tour company. This is another method of contributing back to the community, which is the best way to enhance responsible travel and uplift underprivileged communities.

  1. Book ahead of the clock

Traveling to Africa, particularly to Tanzania, for Tanzania wildlife safaris or Tanzania birding safaris can be overwhelming to plan. The best chance to lower and afford Serengeti tours is by booking ahead of time, and at East Africa Safari Guides, we recommend at least 6 or 12 months in advance; why? Because;

  1. some of the accommodations have last minutes booking fee
  2. Hotels and lodges rates fluctuate right after May each year, so booking earlier than there means you lock up the reasonable rates
  3. Flight rates are better when booked some time in advance; last-minute flight rates are very high.

 By booking the tour in advance, you can save money and prepare for that international trip.

  1. Spend less days in Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park is indeed a stunning park with diverse wildlife and top-notch safari lodges; however, keep in mind that Serengeti is the most expensive safari destination in Tanzania and probably in the entire East Africa safari destination; why is Serengeti so expensive? The park has the most beautiful animals in the world and a wildebeest migration safari, which calls people across the globe to witness. The distance from Arusha town, which is the safari starting point in the northern tour circuit, above all, the entrance fees to the national park are very high; let’s break below;

The entrance fee to the park is 82.6$ per night per adult (VAT inclusive) for adults (15 years and above) and 23.6$ for children between 5 and 15 years old; child below five years is free of charge. These fees last for 24 hours only if you’re sleeping inside the park and 12 hours if you embark on a day tour.

How to travel cheaply to Serengeti
Family Safari

Sleeping inside the park is chargeable (a concession fee or overnight fee), which is 70.8$ per night per adult and lasts for the same hours as above, while children pay 11.8$ per night per child.

So, let’s assume you’re four adults traveling together and want to spend five nights in Serengeti. The calculation will be as follows;

Entrance permit: 4 people x 82.6$ x 5 days = 1,652$

Overnight fee: 4 people x 70.8$ x 5 nights = 1,416$

That makes a total of $ 3,068$, which is $ 767$ per person without other significant items like transportation, accommodations, guiding fees, and others.

Spending a few days in Serengeti helps the trip’s cost.

  1. Stay at the affordable hotels in Serengeti.

Remember this: Serengeti is the leading national park in Africa and has been voted five times in a row; what does that mean? This means the park has the most expensive lodges and private reserves, which may range up 2500$ per person per night; for you to afford a night staying in Serengeti, there are accommodation that costs as little as 150$ per person per night, or you opt to do a Serengeti camping safari which would cost around 75$ per person per night just for the small ground tents with all the gears. For example, a five-day camping safari, including a two-night stay in Serengeti, may be priced around 1600$ per person, which is a very economical option.

  1. Joining/ Group Safari Tours

Another suitable way of affording a Serengeti Safari tour is by joining a scheduled group tour; only park fees are paid individually. Other costs can be shared amongst the travelers; for example, if the safari vehicle costs 350$ per day and you are five people in the jeep, then it would be divided amongst you, and everyone will contribute 70$ for the vehicle. Nothing is good without cons; while joining/a group tour safari may sound like a more economical option, it happens that every traveler has their wishes and thus brings about a conflict of interest because one is dying to see lions while others are eagerly looking for rhinos and at East Africa Safari Guides we advise this option only for the members of the same family or who knows each other.

  1. Travel during the low season

What is the low season in Tanzania? This is when the number of safari traveler fall due to various reason such as the rainy period, and it runs from March to May; if you wish to take a loop opportunity, then come on safari during this time, prices at the lodges and hotels drop significantly, and the game viewing experience is at it is best, no many vehicles in the park, searching animals becomes easy, but be aware that due to rainy some road tends to be impassable. Still, our experienced tour guides at East Africa Safari Guides are the best and know how to drive on technical roads.

Our well-curated Tanzania safari itineraries bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Unsurprisingly, most of our Tanzania wildlife tours and safari expeditions focus on the country’s eccentric parks and reserves like the Serengeti and Ruaha National. But we also have countless choices of tours to Tanzania’s lesser, well-known, yet undervalued reserves like Nyerere (previously Selous) and Rubondo Island, plus the mysterious Zanzibar Island.

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