Tanzania Sustainable Tourism Safari Tours With East Africa Safari Guides : Tanzania is undoubtedly a breath-taking safari destination where you have unlimited exploring options. This fabulous country boasts some dazzling attractions and Unique African Safari destinations such as the Great Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve, and the splendid white sand beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago. You can explore these picturesque destinations sustainably with the eco-friendly East Africa Safari Guides, a locally-owned tour operator based in Arusha, which has more than seven years of experience in the Tanzanian tourism industry. East Africa Safari Guides lives its slogan of being a signature of excellence by being the number one provider of luxury travel packages and customized travel experiences and adventures in Tanzania.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

It is a special category of safari package aimed at conserving Mother Nature as well as returning back to the local communities. East African Safari Guides allows you to have an eco-friendly safari in Tanzanian exotic destinations like parks and game reserves. East Africa Safari Guides have successfully maintained these for the previous seven years, hence supporting sustainable tourism moves in Tanzania. Upon organizing an eco-friendly tour for you, East Africa Safari Guides do offer a room for you to choose a safari package sustainably. You can also inform them on how sustainably you wish your safari should be, alongside any special requirements during your safari.

What are sustainable tourism practices?

If you are planning to go for a sustainable safari, then below are points worth putting into consideration:

Book a group safari instead of solo travel: With East Africa Safari Guides, you are highly encouraged to book a group safari, as it helps to cut carbon emissions. This is because of the simple logic that when you join a group for a safari, the number of trips and the vehicles used decreases when compared to the number of trips and vehicles used while on a solo trip.

Select an eco-friendly tour operator: Before you select your tour operator for an adventurous safari in Tanzania, make sure you review its carbon footprints, plastics, and ownership and employment policies. East Africa Safari Guides is an eco-friendly operator based in Arusha. About 90% of its workforce is locals, something which gives the local community a chance to thrive and fight against the main enemy of the state which is poverty. This is an indirect way of giving back to the community, which is just part of the strategies East Africa Safari Guides employ in giving back to the local Tanzanian communities. They also participate in environmental conservation projects like Carbon Tanzania, which is an enterprise addressing deforestation and forest degradation. They also give back to the communities by sending ten girls to school every year. All these are just but moves East Africa Safari Guides takes to ensure that they offer almost 100% sustainable safaris.

Say no to plastic: On your trip to Tanzanian safari destinations, you should abandon one-time-use plastic. East Africa Safari Guides discourage practices like throwing litter in parks and other destinations. East Africa Safari Guides have special means of dealing with plastic waste that arises from a safari. It utilizes the three R’s of handling waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recyclable plastic waste is collected and sent to recycling facilities to be molded into new products.

Prioritize local tour operators: Hiring locally owned tour operator means you care about local communities. Companies like East Africa Safari Guides have locals employed in various positions. Therefore, hiring such companies to handle your trip is a true definition of you traveling sustainably, as you will be playing a part in returning back to the local community. The community will conserve the parks and reserves as they see the benefits of these natural beauties. East Africa Safari Guides is owned by local people and employs many locals, such that 90% of its workforce is made up of local Tanzanians with respective professions and experience.

Abandon the goods of endangered species: Poaching has caused the rapid spread of goods made from endangered species such as rhinos and elephants. As a sustainable tourist, you must reject such kinds of goods to preserve endangered species. East Africa Safari Guides do not sell these goods, so having a tour with us would mean you won’t buy goods from endangered animals.

Tanzania Sustainable Tourism Safari Tours

Stay in an eco-friendly accommodation facility: Choose an accommodation facility that handles plastic waste well, hires local people, and is solar-powered. East Africa Safari Guides has the best options for accommodation facilities that have no carbon footprints.

Prioritize guided walks over game rides: East Africa Safari Guides recommends travelers to use transport facilities with the least carbon emissions. For this reason, guided walks are favored over game rides because game rides emit carbon. They also destroy the land and other small organisms residing in the park, Tanzania Sustainable Tourism Safari Tours.

Support organizations that preserve wildlife: In Tanzania, there are many NGOs that protect and preserve wildlife. As an eco-traveler, you can donate to support these organizations.

What are the benefits of Sustainable tourism?

Preservation of wildlife: When the community sees the benefits of having a park or game reserve nearby, they will become frontline protectors of wildlife. Famous local villages like Mto wa Mbu village are the benefactors of sustainable tourism. The Maasai locals make money by selling handicraft products such as Maasai sandals to visitors.

Boosting of the local economy: Sustainable tourism stabilizes the local economy through buying locally made products such as beads, ornaments, fashionable goods, and sandals. When the accommodation facilities favor local producers, the local economy is boosted. The locals employed in tour companies and hotels decrease the unemployment problem, thus boosting the local economy, Tanzania Sustainable Tourism Safari Tours.

We recommend you book your eco-friendly trip with East Africa Safari Guides because they are safe, have low carbon footprints, and have over seven years of experience in organizing sustainable tours in Tanzania. There are many more advantages of booking a safari with East Africa Safari guides, including 24/7 customer service to help you organize and plan everything about your safari. As a matter of fact, protecting our Mother Planet (Earth) is very important as it makes the world a nice place for anyone to survive. Hence when on a safari, you should not cause harm to wildlife or the environment. Travel sustainably!

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