The Eye Opening Facts About Selous Game Reserve : The wonders of nature are never ceasing, greenly land, whispers of birds, steps of the strongest land survivors, admiring sunrises and sunsets in the Selous game reserve. Many know it by that name but this gemstone later in the 2019 was named after the Father of Tanzania, “Nyerere” the Nyerere National Park. The Selous game reserve is the secret of mother Tanzania, it is the prime dwindling game reserve in Africa covering 54600 square kilometre area, and it was named after a great explorer and hunter Frederick Selous Courtney and established in the year 1922. Excitingly, this national park is twice the size of Serengeti National Park and more surprisingly three times the size of Kruger National Park in South Africa. If that’s not enough the Selous Game Reserve is among the largest faunal parks in the world.

Where is the Selous game reserve located?

This gemstone is located in the southern circuit of the safari destinations in Tanzania, that’s the Southern Tanzania, 219 kilometres from Dar es Salaam city. It is crossed by the largest river, the Rufiji River made of swamps and channels creating a very dynamic ecological system in the grounds.

The Selous Game Reserve is divided in two major sections, the northern Selous and the Southern Selous. 5% of the entire area is the northern Selous, which is exclusively set for photography safaris and strictly prohibiting hunting in this expanse. The southern Selous comprises of various hunting blocks covering an area of 1000 square kilometre each. It’s known for its unique features, like being a leading destiny and diversity of wildlife than other Miombo woodlands in Africa.

What Animals are found in the game reserve?

This game reserve is a household for over 400 different types of bird species, these birds being explored from different areas of the reserve like along the river, sand bank and other birds living in the water. The unique known African skimmers, giant king fishers, fish eagle, purple-crested turaco, trumpeter horn and many more species reside from these areas. Selous game reserve is one of the land safaris that can be accompanied with river safari, if that’s not enough this territory is known for having largest crocodiles in the whole East Africa, large number of elephants, black rhinoceros and giraffes, approximately 145000 buffalos, 4000 lions, 100000 wildebeests, 35000 zebras, 250000 impalas and large hand elands. It also comprises the scarce puku antelopes in Africa.

Activities to do in the Selous game reserve

The Selous Game Reserve has a number of unique and different activities that can be done by holidaymakers for a fantastic experience being the walking safari where by tourists gets a chance to have a close explore of the nature and beauty of the grounds. The boat safari marking a great experience exploring different water channels on the river Rufiji. If that’s not enough the sounds of the birds echoing erupting waves of serenity is the outcome of the bird watching tour in the reserve. 

Very differently from other parks the Selous game reserve offers game drives in the early mornings and late afternoon where an eye-catching view of animals and mother nature is practiced, And the fly camping tours memorable experience and unique in style where the holidaymakers sleep outside in the wilderness hearing the euphony sounds of animals and birds from afar creating the room of serenity and great sleep is found in the Selous game reserve.

Selous Game Reserve
Selous Game Reserve

Just like the Serengeti National Park the Selous game reserve gives out a hot air balloon safari service, giving tourists a chance to have an aerial view of grasslands below as they marvel different animals.

What time is best for a safari in the Selous game reserve?

Tanzania dry season is between June to October and the wet season is between October to May, many tourists visit Selous game reserve in the dry season as its easier to spot wildlife and comfortable with moving around, and the place yet never get congested due to its wider ground. The wet season is superb too enjoying the scenery of rain as you move around and also preferably with lower costs than in the dry season. Selous game reserve will leave you speechless from its story and other given information from the tour guides, don’t forego a chance to navigate and explore the peace of the park and create memorable and remarkable moments from the Selous hidden facts and secret.

How much is a Selous game reserve safari?

A stay in the Selous game reserve differ from person to person depending with wants, accommodations, number of days to stay in the grounds, activities to be done and much more. A cost in the Selous game reserve ranges from $500 to $1500 per day or night per person. These costs also differ from a moderate or average facility to a luxury facility.

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