What does a Tanzania Family Safari Cost for 2024 / 2025? : Safari simply means a journey; in a Tanzanian tourism dialect it means a travel to the national parks and game reserves for tourism.  Tanzania is a very welcoming country; the culture of the people is rooted in being kind and polite and being empathetic to situations even when their own life hassles are much more overwhelming. That is to say, it is best suited for family safaris. You can be sure that you and your family will get the most collective memorable experience that will nurture bonding together than ever before.

It really starts with the excitement of going to a new place, the whole of you as a family, planning for it rigorously and figuring how every activity will fit perfectly for every single one of you. In Tanzania you will experience everything together but uniquely! Every single one of you will go home with their particular feeling; you will have a shared adventure that is at the same time distinct for each individual. It will leave you all wanting to come back some more because no single individual can claim to have seen it all.

How do I plan a family safari in Tanzania?

The best to do this is to book your travel early on! Make sure you are good with the dates of the kids’ holiday, if you are a country that needs to get the visa prior, do that for all the people in the family. Synchronize all you planning with all the family anticipating to travel to making sure everyone is looped with the dates and flight times.

Does the group have any special needs, like a wheel chair bound individual? Do you have specific diet requirement? Would you like the boys to share a bunk bed close to their uncle’s room so that they are all watched over by an adult but left to have a bit of time for themselves at the same time? Mention all this to you tour operator so that the entire itinerary can be inclusive of all the nitty-gritty details. Also mention that you need a child friendly itinerary in term of timings, special children’s rates, extra beds and secured lodges to make sure you all go home in one whole piece. 

Where is best for family safari in Tanzania?

The Northern circuit and the Southern are equally family friendly.

In the Northern circuit, you could start off with a one night in Arusha town to give yourself time to do away with a jetlag a bit and this can be in a lush coffee estate lodge just close by the Arusha Airport. Then the Safari will be followed by an excitement of the Ngorongoro crater for 2 nights, a flight to the majestic Serengeti for 4 nights depending on the timing of the migration. At this juncture you will have had a total full-on wildlife safari!

Then you will conclude with the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar, for which you might want to set aside 5 nights. Family will be relaxed, rejuvenated and can have sometimes reflecting and looking at all the beautiful captures! Here you can also get back quickly to those pressing clients who might need an urgent yes or no answer emails while you on a holiday! 

What does a Tanzania Family Safari Cost for 2024 / 2025?
beaches in Zanzibar

After this, you may choose to call it! Or you may sprinkle even some more activities before or after if you a bit longer time. In Zanzibar the teens you came along can do all this water games, diving activities in the safest way possible.

In a wild life safari, the roads can be bumpy and dusty while within or on your way there! Therefore, you are advised to keep the wildlife safari time to a max of 8 nights in total so that it’s not too much forth children. If you do though, don’t forget to bring the kids to practice targeting using a bow and arrow while learning a click language amidst the Hadzabe tribe.

Kids below 6 years are lovely but won’t be let in in most activities on the safari. Definitely not walking safari, canoeing nor hot-air balloon safari.

How much does a family safari cost in Tanzania?

An average cost for a comfortable but with all core activities included alongside a tent, ranges between $500 per person per night, and exclusive luxury (with all the pools and mod cons) begins at $1,200 per person per night. Building on that up further means that the const per person per trip will be: Generally, from around $4,000/£3,500 per person if you were to go on a 4-night safari in southern Tanzania, and head over to the Zanzibar beach for a few days. Including domestic flights, transfers, guides and your game viewing activities, minus the international flights. Most of the time all drinks and food are also included, but some camps are full board which means drinks are separate from the grand total.

Unique consideration: 

If you choose a quite experienced tour operator with a couple of family bookings, they can be able to tailor make your itinerary to one of the most affordable ones as a unit. Usually, children’s rates can be cut up to half per person prices- although this these are always changing from season to season and camp to camp, so let you tour operator know your children’s ages and see how that will work for your most anticipated family trip! 

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