Tanzania is a splendid destination for every safari-goer that offers an unforgettable African safari experience ranging from climbing the highest peak of Africa to viewing the Great Migration in the spectacular Serengeti National Park. This lovely country is enriched with natural attractions, including protected areas like national parks and game reserves, historical sites such as the Stone Town, Bagamoyo, and Kilwa Ruins, and vibrant cultural and ethnic groups such as Maasai, Hadzabe, and many others – So What is the best month for a safari in Tanzania?

What is the best month for safari in Tanzania

If you want an adventurous safari through Tanzania’s exotic destinations, the most crucial aspect to consider is the time. The joy you will get by visiting various destinations around this country depends on what time of the year your trip is. We can majorly group the tourism seasons into dry and wet seasons. Each season has its merits and demerits.

The experiences obtained in different Tanzania safari destinations differ, with the variations mainly depending on the season. Some safaris are exceptional in the dry season, while others are exceptional in the wet season. So, when you visit Tanzania, it depends on what activities you plan to do on your safari and your general safari expectations. If I am to suggest the best time to go on a safari to Tanzania, the dry season would be the best answer.

Why is the dry season the best time for a safari to Tanzania?

Most parts of Tanzania receive very little rain during the dry season, which extends from June through September, and sometimes it might go up to October. This makes navigating the wild on rough roads easier when visiting parks and game reserves. You will also be free from the disturbances caused by rain while doing your adventures in the wilderness of Tanzania. During the dry season, wild animals gather in areas with abundant pasture and enough water. This makes it easier for you to witness large populations of animals close to water sources.

An excellent example of this can be seen in Tarangire National Park. When most parts of this park become dry, animals gather close to the mighty Tarangire River, like the “lifeline” of Tarangire National Park. This gives better chances of witnessing most wild animals gathered at the Tarangire River. If you are lucky enough, it is also the best time to see a live hunting scene.
The best time to visit Tanzania for Safari Tours 2025 - 2026
Exploring Serengeti National Park in the dry season with the tourists

Serengeti National Park, one of the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuaries, is well accessible in the dry season. Its rough roads are free from mud, making it even easier to see various wild animals, including all the Big Five animals – lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, and rhinos. During the dry season, especially from July to August, the migrating herds of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles cross the mighty Mara River. This is one of the fascinating events of the Great Migration. The migrating animals face one of the biggest tragedies as thousands of them lose their lives trying to cross this river due to predation from the Big Cats and Nile crocodiles

Game viewing is superbly rewarding when done in the dry season. Most Tanzanian roads are unpaved, making it challenging to access them in the rainy season. Therefore, the dry season is the best time to access most of the national parks in Tanzania for wildlife safaris. The hiking routes of Mount Kilimanjaro are less slippery during the dry season. Your hike will also be free from any disturbances associated with rainfall as you ascend from the base of this dormant volcano to its snow-capped summit. Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit is at 5895 meters above sea level, and it is freezing. Hiking it during the dry season is advantageous as your hike will be done with less effort. 

What are the challenges associated with game drives during the dry season?

The two main challenges of the dry season are the number of visitors and the cost of various services. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock from around the globe to Tanzanian safari destinations in the dry season. Therefore, most parks, especially those in the Northern Circuit, become heavily crowded. This drives the prices of various services up. The competition for accommodation facilities has intensified; therefore, prior booking is highly recommended. The dry season is unsuitable if you want to travel on a budget safari. You have to plan your safari at times other than the dry season. 

Moreover, some hidden gems in Tanzania never become crowded throughout the year. These destinations are not famous like the Northern Circuit, but they offer unforgettable safari experiences to those who visit them. One of these destinations is Nyerere National Park, the largest park in the Southern Circuit, which is well-known for its evergreen rainforest and the Rufiji River. Other parks include Mikumi National Park, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Ruaha National Park, Katavi National Park, Saadani National Park, Gombe National Park, and Kitulo National Park.

When is the best time for a bird-watching safari in Tanzania?

Whenever you are in for bird watching, you must know that the timing for bird watching safaris differs from other safaris. Bird-watching safaris differ from game-viewing safaris because the former are more rewarding during the wet season, especially from February to April. The migratory birds settle for breeding during this time. Most birds can be spotted in their nests during the wet season, making birders more fascinated by their visit.

Tanzania is an off-the-beaten-track destination for nearly every safari experience, including game viewing, birding, honeymoon safaris, cultural tours, and enchanting beach holidays on exquisite beaches. It is a popular ‘bucket list’ destination for wildlife adventurers and safari lovers worldwide.

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Wildebeest in front of camp – Songa Tented Camp

This splendid nation, full of ever-beautiful national parks and game reserves, has diverse wildlife ranging from giant land animals like elephants and giraffes to abundant, colorful birds. Tanzania is home to several breathtaking attractions, which make it one of the leading African safari destinations for every wildlife enthusiast.

If you want to know the wonders of this welcoming country, you should consider planning a trip. To get the best out of your wildlife safari in Tanzania, you must find a suitable tour operator to take care of your safari. Regarding Tanzanian safaris, you must worry less about trusted and reliable tour operators. East Africa Safari Guides is the most reliable tour operator dedicated to delivering the best service in Tanzania and East Africa.

Tanzania Safari: High Season Vs Low Season

High Season Low Season
The long dry season typically occurs from June to October. During the periods of January through March and November through December.
Premium rates Most Affordable Prices
Reservations should be made at least six months in advance to ensure availability. Feel free to book last minute!
Nice and breezy weather! Warm and sporadically damp climate
There are few migrant birds in sight. Excellent opportunity for observing birds
Heavily populated with tourists Least Crowded by Tourists
Mara River Wildebeest Crossing Calving Season in Southern Serengeti

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