Cultural Safaris Experience Tours by East Africa Tour Guides : Culture is our way of life, beliefs, and everything that makes up communities. One of the biggest reasons we travel is to experience the culture in different places. Learning about new cultures creates excitement and helps us bond with the people around us. 

If you are looking for an East African cultural adventure, there are plenty of places to go. The warmth from the native people will surpass any game drive adventure. With plenty to explore from the numerous East African tribes, you can gain a rich cultural experience. Here is a short guide to the East African cultural experience. 

Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania

Maasai people have a rich heritage. You will find them in Kenya and Tanzania. Indeed, they stand out with their beautiful traditional ‘shukas’ and beaded ornaments. They also love to share their traditional dances and songs with strangers, especially travelers. Get to experience some of their traditions, like jumping and roasting meat.

The Maasai ornaments hold meaning. A guide can explain which ornaments are suitable for you and for which occasions they were worn. You can dress up in the traditional ‘shuka’ outfit and enjoy a day looking like a moran. 

Curio shops

While traveling, add shopping to your itinerary. You will buy beautiful bead ornaments you want to keep as a memory. There are plenty of places with small shops that sell beads. The local people make the goods, and they represent the rich East African culture. There are custom-made pieces that you take a few minutes to put together. 

Visit Tanzania’s cultural Shanga village. They make beaded jewelry. Experience the fashion of the East African people influenced by their culture. Additionally, interact with the artisans who use recycled material to make art. 

Camel racing in Northern Kenya

In Parts of Northern Kenya, there are camel racing events held annually. The whole festival brings together people to celebrate and race camels. The Maralal Camel Derby attracts competitors both locally and internationally. While at it, you might enjoy the rich culture. The ambiance in the town during the derby day is enough to make you want to come back every year. 

A camel safari is yet another way to make memories. The camels are desert animals that can cope with the hot sun. Hop on a camel and take a tour around the village. Explore the culture, learn the local language, and eat the local cuisine. Additionally, enjoy camel soup and interact with the Samburu people. You can take the trek for days up to two weeks. That is long enough for you to want to ditch the tiring city life. 


Rwanda’s rich history has scars engraved by the 1994 genocide. However, the country and its people are working day and night to create a new legacy of love and peace. The people of Rwanda have a rich culture and history, which you can explore while on your safari. Even as you tour the genocide sites, there are other places where you can interact with the locals and enjoy their culture. 

Visit the Iby Iwacu cultural village and enjoy some adventure. Get to learn culture away from violence from the painful past of the Rwandan people. Enjoy the Kigali city tour and learn new things about the people. 

The Hadzabe experience

The Hadzabe tour in Tanzania is something you must add to your bucket list. The Hadzabe people are bushmen who live in the Lake Eyasi region. You can spend a day with people who have held dear their hunter and gather ways to preserve their ways in the rapidly modernizing world around them. 

On the Hadzabe safari, get to hunt with the locals. Experience what it means to get a meal. If you are lucky enough, you might interact with the less popular Datoga tribe. 

Marangu tour

Visit Marangu town, the entryway to Mount Kilimanjaro. A one-day tour is enough to create lasting memories. Visit the sprawling coffee plantation nearby, a waterfall, and drink a local brew made with bananas. 

A visit to Stone Town

If you want to experience a blend of cultures at the beach, book a tour of Stone Town, Zanzibar. The rich Swahili culture infused with Middle East influence, Europe, and India gives the destination a unique experience. Enjoy the cuisine on the crystal-clear sandy beaches. 

Ugandan cultural safari

Uganda is yet another fantastic cultural trip destination. There are plenty of places to visit and experience the culture. The Kigali tour will take you around all the cultural sights. Start by visiting the Ugandan Martyr’s shrines at Namugongo. Learn about the Buganda people and the kingdom. Additionally, visit the Baha’i temple and pray.

What a trip it would be if you skipped the Idi Ami’s underground prison and Lubiri palace? Ensure to include that on your travel list. 

East Africa Safari guides offer unforgettable cultural tours around East Africa. Get your passport ready and get a booking today to experience the magic. There is plenty to explore in East Africa, and the rich culture will warm your heart.