East Africa Travel Experience /FAQ’s : Traveling in East Africa is delightful. However, travel requires preparation. There are things you need to acquire before the trip. There are also other things that you should take into consideration before you set out on your journey.

If you would love to travel to East Africa, you must have a few questions. East Africa Safari guides will advise you on preparation and what to expect when on a safari to East Africa.

What to expect about the weather?

Weather changes are a concern as they affect many other parts of your travel. The weather is generally warm, especially in low-altitude areas. The weather will vary from time to time and from season to season. If you travel in June, July, and August, the weather is mostly cold. Carry both warm and light clothes for the safari.

Use your weather app to get insights about the weather in specific geographical regions. Usually, a guide can help with advice on what to wear or bring along on your day tour. The sales team will also give you insights into the best months to visit certain places. Pack comfortable shoes, especially boots for hiking if it’s on your program.

Do I need any medical checks before traveling?

When traveling, you can get vaccinated for various diseases. Since there are many diseases that you may catch while on safari, vaccines can protect you. Plan and get a vaccination against Typhoid, Diphtheria, Yellow Fever, and Polio. Your physician can also help you with anything else to feel safe. Carry the medication you require on your trip. If you have signs of illness, contact a doctor immediately.

Malaria is a fatal illness and requires immediate medical attention. Carry mosquito repellants along with you as they can help keep off mosquitoes and tsetse flies, which are dangerous for your health.

Can my insurance work in case I need it?

If you have health insurance, it may or may not work in most parts of the country. However, you can use MEDIVAC, which is a temporary solution. In case you get an accident that requires medical evacuation. They will send flying doctors to your aid. While using our services, you can get more insights on the safest way to handle a medical emergency while out in the wild.

What travel documentation do I need to travel to East Africa?

While traveling to East Africa, you need to have travel documents ready. You are getting a visa costs little. With $50, you can get hold of your tourist visa. Additionally, with $100, American citizens can travel to East Africa with a tourist visa. You can obtain the visa at the point of entry. All you need is to meet other mandatory requirements like a Yellow Fever card and the fee. Also, you have to fill out some forms to apply for the visa. The waiting period is very short. 

Fill out forms and obtain that visa ready to take your tour. If you plan to travel between East African countries, you can have your travel agent help you get the rest during your journey. Carry your passport as it is the most crucial document to bring along.

Money and belongings

When on safari, you may have heard stories about theft. Try as much as you can to keep your valuables safe. Most people are easy targets due to their assumptions that they are safe. Carry less cash and keep it secured in large towns and crowded places. Alternatively, use a card for payments to avoid theft.

Do not leave your valuables in a hotel room. Most hotels will ask you to leave electronics and other valuables with the front desk when heading out. East Africa Safari guides can also help you get to safe accommodation sites. 

Can I bring my family on the safari?

Yes. You can bring along your family for the tour. Children also can come. Depending on how well you know your kids, work within their limits for a fun safari. Hiking may be tricky for younger children with little to no experience walking for long distances. East Africa Safari guides can ensure that your family enjoys a fun-filled safari. They will organize a fine trip that will bring the whole family together.  


Accommodation is an essential part of your safari. Comfort and safety come first. You also need an accessible location far from the areas you want to tour. We select our accommodation as not each one will meet the requirements. In that manner, our clients have the assurance that they get only the best.

East Africa Travel Experience

How do I make the most out of my safari experience?

When planning your safari, you want to know if it will be successful and fun. If you want the best, get a reliable safari guide, a high-functioning vehicle, comfortable accommodation, and an enhanced itinerary. All these factors ensure you are happy and safe during the tour. The itinerary ensures that you hit the right spots and at the right time. A vehicle ensures that you get to the places on time and in comfort. Lastly, accommodation is a safe place to rest and unwind after a long day in the wild.

Relax and enjoy the safari. Most people worry a lot about all the things that might go wrong till they can no longer have a fun vacation. 

East Africa Safari Guides the best African Safari experience.

Book your safari with us today, and you can enjoy your East African vacation. We have everything you need to get the holiday you desire. We listen to your ideas and create a tailored experience that exceeds your expectations. Call us today and start your journey to the perfect vacation.