Hell’s Gate National Park at Glance : Hell’s Gate National Park Is a wildlife heritage and natural wonder not far from other Rift Valley attractions in Kenya, such as Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara National Reserve. As a result of powerful forces from underground shaping, the park is where the name Hell’s Gate came from, and in 1984, the park was established. Not as big as other national parks, Hell’s Gate is one of Kenya’s smallest parks, comprising 68 square kilometers and a magnificent portion of Rift Valley.

It is the reliable park in Kenya that is best to explore on foot or bike since there are no predators apart from rare leopard sightings. The park is easily accessed in less than two hours from Nairobi town by car, making it an excellent safari option for visitors with limited time in Kenya and budget.

Unlike wildlife sightings, the park is worth visiting due to its beautiful scenery made of geothermal activities over a million years ago. Spitting geysers, volcanic kopjes, water-gouged gorges, sandstone towers, and obsidian caves make the park unique and more attractive. However, the park offers a chance to witness wildlife in natural habitats, including zebra, hyena, Buffalo, giraffe, and baboons, and for bird watchers, it is the place to be.

Things to do in Hell’s Gate:

Among the best activities you can partake in while in Hell’s Gate is cycling around the upper gorge; in the lower, cycling is not permitted. If you are a cyclist and want to ride in a different landscape that will steal your heart, then Hell’s Gate is the perfect place to come closer to the wilderness while cycling.

There are many places to rent a bike, such as around Lake Naivasha, but the most convenient place can be from the lodge you stay in and fishing camps, where they have good-quality bicycles.

Ol Njorowa (Lower Gorge) is a spectacular attraction at Hell’s Gate and worth visiting; passing the canyon’s water-eroded walls rising high to the sky is an adventure that will leave you speechless.

You may join this hiking activity with the company of a ranger after you have done biking or game drive. Depending on your physical fitness, there are three trail options: short, medium-sized, and long. Depending on the seasonal weather, also remember to pack well.

Unfortunately, the loss of life caused by flash floods on the lower gorge led to its closure.

You may also indulge in wildlife game viewing as there are plenty of grazers like zebras, giraffes, African Buffalo, and different species of antelopes.

Olkaria Spa, located on the northern part of the Hill’s Gate, is among the three geothermal pools with beautiful azure blue water heated by geothermal underground activity. The restaurant’s presence makes the place a better spot to unwind after cycling or hiking; the third pool is an idea for swimming and refreshing.

Hell's Gate National Park
Hell’s Gate National Park

Rock climbing:

  • For the rocky climbers here, you have got covered.
  • Hell’s Gate provides an ideal environment for rock climbing due to rocky outcrops resulting from volcanic activities over a thousand years past.
  • You don’t need prior experience for rocky climbing, though it is necessary to go with an experienced guide and licensed operator.

Best Time to Visit Hell’s Gate National Park:

Consider traveling to Hell’s Gate during the dry months of June to February for wildlife viewing. However, if you travel around March and May, you must be aware of heavy rains that may ruin your walking safari or cycling.

How to Get There:

It takes two hours to drive from Nairobi, depending on the traffic, as the journey is 90 km. A light aircraft from Wilson Airport to Naivasha is possible and fast; you will be picked up from there and start your tour in Hell’s Gate. You may combine Hell’s Gate with other national parks or conservancies for a different experience; Maasai Mara is among the reserves you may mix and fly directly from Naivasha if it is your next destination.

Where to Stay?

Depending on your travel preferences, you may get back to the basics by staying at the glamping tents; Camp Carnelley allows you to pitch a tent and secure the best spot to have a magnificent view of Hell’s Gate and Lake Naivasha.

There is an option for bands with en-suite bathrooms where you can sleep six or dormitories to sleep eight with shared bathroom facilities.

For luxury goers, Sopa Lodge can be the best option to stay as the property is located on the southern shoreline of Lake Naivasha and offers the ultimate luxury safari experience.

Sopa Lodge, which is nestled amidst green acacia woodland, the lodge has 84 rooms. Never worry if you travel as a group. The ground floor contains a sunken bath, queen-sized bed, and balcony; the upper floor has a furnished balcony with a table and chairs to unwind and enjoy the fantastic wildlife.

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