Lewa Conservancy : The Conservancy, once established in 1983 as a rhino sanctuary and acquired a total land of 65,000 acres of wilderness, was a cattle ranch owned by David and Delia Craig before joining forces with the Merz family. The population of Rhinos in Kenya during that era was 20,000 in the 1970s and later dropped to less than 300, the Conservancy played a crucial part in protecting these endangered species. It raised the number to over 600 now.

The entire area is fenced, and the number of rangers is 150 to protect the endangered world’s heritage. Since the Conservancy was a cornerstone for protecting these endangered mammals, it merged with other private and public conservancies. It resulted in the increasing amount of land to over 2 million acres.

Lewa has a diverse of habitats, from fabulous views of snow-capped Mount Kenya on the south side, the arid land on the north of Tassia and II Ngwesi, pristine highland forest, lush vegetation, acacia woodland, and melt-water Mountain springs.

The Conservancy supports its nearby communities through sustainable outreach projects, including education programs, water improvements, and healthcare initiatives. Additionally, in its 20-year history, the untamed annual Lewa Marathon has succeeded in raising $8 million, which facilitated lots of projects.

Lewa has been lucky enough to host HRH Prince William during his gap year, which worked there and loved the place so much it is rumored that he also proposed to Kate Middleton in Lewa Conservancy when the two embarked on Kenya wildlife safari.

Wildlife in Lewa

Lewa is home to two distinct species, 14% of Kenya’s Black rhino and 20% of the world’s population of Grevy Zebra. Also, the expanded 65,000 acres provide a home range to the most iconic wild animals like elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, over 400 species of birds, and 70 different mammal species, making the wildlife in the Conservancy unparalleled.

During the migratory period, Lewa receives over 400 elephants traversing the area, thus making a spectacle moment when visitors witness the elephants cross the purpose-built underpass.

What to do in Lewa Conservancy?

That is a straightforward question while in Lewa, as there are many activities a guest can indulge in. Your dawn in Lewa can be blessed with a Kenya hot air balloon safari and enjoy the wilderness from the eagle-eye view; later, you may spoil yourself on the bush breakfast before heading to Ngare Ngare forest and waterfalls outside Conservancy for a walking safari in Kenya. You may opt for camel or horse riding while enjoying wild animals in their natural habitats.

After a gourmet lunch, you can take a path to visit Maasai cultural villages to learn their ways of life; you will always be welcomed with a grand ceremony including cultural dance, see their homes, and do not forget to buy their souvenirs to support local life.

Going for an evening game drive is super exciting, but adding sundowners in authentic spots will make your stay at Lewa Conservancy one of a kind. Staying at the fire pit after a game drive to reflect on the day’s memories is another experience Africans calls a bush television.

The night game drive in Lewa is available unless you didn’t go for an evening game drive. It allows you to explore nature in night mode vision to spot Nocturnals like Civets, Aardvark, and other night active predators.

Lewa Conservancy

Recommendations on where to stay at Lewa

Elewana Lewa Safari Camp: To make the most of your Kenya vacation, your stay in northern Kenya’s Laikipia County should be at Elewana Lewa Safari Camp. Your exclusive, solitude and personalized experience in Lewa will be shaped by the nice guest tents for your comfort, en suite bathroom with available hot water, and tent veranda to give you a glimpse of Mount Kenya.

Twelve tents are enough for all room categories to accommodate solo, couple, twin for uncoupled, and triple for families. This exclusive retreat offers a privileged use of 65,000 acres of protected, unmatched wilderness.

Lewa House: The elegant house with a rustic charm built with a thatched roof and open fireplace is a perfect place to get together and share the day’s highlights.

It is excellent for families to rediscover themselves as the cottages can accommodate up to four people with all the Western facilities inside, like an en suite bathroom and large verandah to unwind either during the morning for coffee before heading out for the game drive or during the evening after the searching of the Big Five of the day.

The house has a pool overlooking a waterhole nearby and an on-site farm with fresh groceries for your professional chef to prepare gourmet food and serve on the pristine vista of their garden to enjoy your meal. So, the food on your table is carefully grown and designed from inside Lewa house or bought from near Meru local town market.

Come to the activities while in Lewa house is truly a phenomenon and will turn your last day into tears; you may immerse yourselves in wildlife exploration both during the day and night, dive deep into the cultural experiences by visiting Maasai villages nearby to learn about their way of life, riding a horse in the wilderness in search of wild mammals, connect with nature on foot or bird watching are among the activities that will steal your heart.

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