Loisaba Conservancy is located on Kenya’s most significant animal migration corridor and offers a stunning wildlife viewing experience. Each year, the Loisaba Conservancy corridor witnesses the migration of more than 9,000 elephants, Grevy’s zebra, and thousands of African buffaloes searching for green pastures and water.

There are three prides of lions and other big cats like Leopards, cheetahs, and wild dogs. Safari to Loisaba is an incomparable tour experience in Kenya.

Loisaba Conservancy was established in 1970 and focuses on preserving the movement of the animals in the corridor around the Laikipia area, which joins other National Parks in Kenya.

It’s the best place for wildlife viewing, guided nature walks, horse riding safaris, mountain cycling, and cultural tours.

If big cats are your thing, morning safari game drives offer the best spotting opportunities.

Loisaba Conservancy
Loisaba Conservancy

The semiarid and grassland areas around the Loisaba Conservancy are outstanding for hikes and morning walking safaris. The backdrop is spectacular, and if you’re touring before or after the seasonal rains, the entire background explodes in lovely greens.

July and October mark the best time to tour around Loisaba when the area is dry, and wildlife viewing is at its best; however, visiting from January to February during the short rains also offers excellent wildlife sightseeing and is when the prices in the lodges fall dramatically.

The easiest way of getting around is by a quick scenic flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, an hour away. If you decide to drive, it will take about 7 hours because Nairobi is 300 kilometers (187 miles).

Loisaba Conservancy boasts a few luxury lodges and tented camps such as Loisaba Tented Camp, Loisaba Star Beds, Sabuk Lodge, and Loisaba Lodo Springs, where you can stay during your family trip in Kenya and relish the best African safari experiences.

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