Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a 36420-hectare reserve that was once used to be a colonial cattle ranch and turned into a new conservation project. Followed the purchase of the open savannah grassland by a UK-based conservation organization in 2014 and turned it into the national land trust of Kenya. The organization not only supports the protection of the conservancy but also the social projects for the locals nearby.

It is the only place on earth with two northern white rhinos named Fatu and Najin, protected 24 hours by armed rangers. Also, 100 black rhinos and numerous Chimpanzees marked this territory as their homeland. This makes Ol Pejeta the pioneer for rhino conservation in Kenya and Africa.

The sanctuary was once established as an animal rehabilitation center for the animals rescued from the black market. The place is privileged to have endangered species such as black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, Jackson’s hartebeest, and wild dog. Again, it is the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees. Apart from having many predators, livestock keeping is in the project plan of Ol Pejeta.

Getting in Ol Pejeta:

Access to Ol Pejeta is much easier since the conservancy is situated in the foothills of Mount Kenya in central Kenya’s county of Laikipia; thus, from Nairobi by road takes up to four hours. However, a flight will make you arrive quicker if you combine Ol Pejeta with another national park like Masai Mara Reserve.

Activities in Ol Pejeta:

You will never get bored visiting Ol Pejeta, especially for those who love immersing themselves in the wilderness. Engage in a walking safari Kenya with an escorted ranger while enjoying black rhinos and browsing a little closer while en route identifying plants, tracking animals, and spotting the savannah birds, opt for a night game drive to find nocturnal animals. Not enough, you may go cycling or horse riding through the reserve, the perfect activities for family trips or honeymooners to enjoy while visiting Kenya.

The true sense of wild privacy can be experienced in this reserve, as there is fewer crowds of tourists, something which gives you ample time to relax, meditate, and enjoy nature at the same time.

You may spend your time to the fullest only in this reserve for your privacy or combine Ol Pejeta with other destinations for different tastes of African safari. For those who love out-of-the-way experiences, then you should consider visiting Ol Pejeta. Remember, the fees you pay are funding the conservation projects, so by visiting this reserve, you automatically contribute to sustainable travel to the environment and impact the local people’s lives.

Weather in Ol Pejeta:

Like other regions in East Africa, Ol Pejeta receives small showers from October, November, and December, resulting in lush landscapes and abundant migratory birds from North Africa and Europe, making a place ideal for photographers and visitors who prefer less crowded destinations for their vacation. The temperature can vary, but the highest average is 20°C, which drops to 10°C during October and less to 8°C around December.

To ensure your comfort, it is better to have casual clothes for the afternoon on a game drive or walking safari in Ol Pejeta and warm clothes during the night as sometimes the temperature gets chilly.

January, February, and March are the dry months that maximize the wildlife game viewing drawn to water sources, resulting in many wild hunting cinemas and best shots for photographic safari? During this period, the temperature can rise to 28C° though it can get chilly at night and drop to 8°C. January and February are dried up, but the extended rains typically start around late March to mid-June.

April to June: these months of the year receive heavy rainfall; however, you may opt to go for a safari game drive as you will encounter very few visitors. The landscape becomes green while water and pasture are everywhere, so grazers do not have to go far. You may find only yourself at the sighting to enjoy every action displayed by your favorite animal. The temperature rises to 25°C and drops lower to 8°C.

July to Sept: This is the peak season; a high volume of visitors is experienced during this period due to conducive weather and school holidays.

Accommodations in Ol Pejeta:

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp by Asilia Africa provides visitors with different wild, fun activities; the lodge is positioned alongside the Ewaso Ngiro River. Ensuring maximum comfort and coverage for your family or small group of friends, the lodge consists of six big tents with fully furnished high-quality antiquity. Also, hot and cold water, en suite bathroom, 24-hour electricity, and WIFI are always available to ensure your holiday is not destructed in any way either.

Things to do at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp:

Bush lovers and people who love privacy will genuinely enjoy this place, as you can immerse in different activities while remaining consistent with your nature

  • Wildlife Game Viewing
  • Night Game Drive
  • Horse Riding
  • Rhino Visiting
  • Lion tracking
  • Cultural Tour
  • Canine tracking
Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The River Camp Ol Pejeta (by Wilder group): A newly opened 2023 camp positioned on the banks of Ngobit River with six constructed magnificent tents for your comfort lays River Camp Ol Pejeta Camps. 

 The camp is also found on the base of Mount Kenya, enough to provide you with a breathtaking view from your tent’s veranda while you sip wine. The camp has an additional lounge room, library, bar, pool, and spa for refreshment.

You can indulge in activities while on the camp, including night game drive, walking safari, lion tracking, and horse riding.

The Sweetwater’s Serena: With 56 luxury tents to maximize your stay availability and cozy bedrooms find a super camp equipped with modern facilities to enjoy nature while finishing up your light office to-do lists. The camp has a friendly environment for the children, making it suitable for Kenya family safari.

The camp has services like Wi-Fi, western toilets, cold and hot showers, private balconies, and tents with 24-hour electricity.

You can engage in various cheerful activities at the camp, like planting trees, sundowners and bush breakfast at Marsh Viewpoint, movie night, night game drive in search of Nocturnals, or bird watching.

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