Tsavo East National Park is located in the southeast of Kenya, close to Tanzania and the Kenyan coastal region. The name Tsavo is derived from the river in the park; Tsavo is split by the Mombasa-Nairobi highway, which resulted in Tsavo East and Tsavo West.

Tsavo East and West covers an area of 20,000 kilometers of squares; Tsavo East is the largest and oldest national park in Kenya.

Stretching for about 8372 miles of semiarid wilderness, Tsavo East is one of Kenya’s most protected wilderness areas, with more biodiversity than any other ecosystem in Africa.

Tsavo East National Park is famous for its mane-less lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, and other animals. Tsavo is nine times the Mara ecosystem.

Likened to Tsavo West National Park, the plain landscape tumbles drier. The vegetation is bare, so flora and fauna spotting is commonly stress-free than its more intense counterpart.

The East Tsavo National Park is well located between Nairobi and Kenya’s coastal regions, thus making it easy to combine Kenya beach holiday safari and wildlife Safari in Tsavo.

Safari Game Drives in Tsavo East: if you ever want to embark on an adventure of a lifetime on Kenya safaris, look no further than Tsavo East, a wildlife paradise with stunning biodiversity and fantastic landscapes. In Tsavo East, you can see all the Big Five, such as lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes, along with other wild animals like giraffes, hippos, African wild dogs, and Cheetahs, to name a few. In Tsavo East, you can do a game drive twice, early in the morning and evening, when the animals are active. However, at East Africa Safari Guides, we offer unlimited mileage game viewing, and you can always discuss with your best African safari guide how you wish your trip to be. Your driver guide may stop at Luggard Waterfalls, a sequence of white falls on the Galana River and the Yatta Plateau, for a picnic bush lunch.

November to April is the best time for a bird-watching safari in Tsavo East because the migratory birds arrive from Europe; more than 500 bird species inhabit the park, such as Golden-breasted starling, Golden pipit, guinea fowl, and vulturine.

Tsavo East National Park
Game Drives in Tsavo

Where to stay in Tsavo East on Kenya Safari

There are many places to stay in Tsavo East, depending on your travel schedule and budget,

Galdessa Luxury Camp: Situated at the edge of Tsavo East National Park, it is one of the high-end camps overlooking the Yatta and Galana Rivers; it offers an array of luxury African amenities; the camp can accommodate up to 10 people. Its location allows people to witness the abundant wildlife that wanders across the camp’s area and hippos and crocodiles in the Galana River; this is one of the best eco-camps in the entire Tsavo East ecosystem.

Other mid-range lodges and camps like Ashnil Aruba and Satao Camp are among the excellent and affordable safari lodges in the park.

The best time to go on a safari in Tsavo East is from July to September and December to mid-March; during these times, the game drives are best because of the dryness, so most animals go to the waterholes, which makes the wildlife sightseeing incredible.

Long and heavy rain is from late March to May, when the game drives become difficult because most roads are full of mud. Generally, short rains in Tsavo East start in October and end in November.

There are no scheduled flights to Tsavo East National Park. However, East Africa Safari Guide tour operators in Kenya can arrange a charter flight because few airstrips are inside the park.

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