5 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route climbing : Marangu route Kilimanjaro climbing in 5 days is the most popular trekking route, cheapest, and the shortest route amongst all Kilimanjaro routes. This route requires the highest fitness because of the high altitude you will encounter daily. At East Africa Safari Guides, we will advise you accordingly when booking on what to do for summit success. 

The only route that offers hunts on Kilimanjaro climbing is the Marangu route. They are built in dormitory-style cabins; you will share the room with other travelers, and it is impossible to book a private room. Each room will contain four or more bunk beds. Marangu route in Kilimanjaro is the only route cluse direct up to the summit and return down using the same route. While on the Marangu route the elevation alters every single day of your climb, and thus, at East Africa Safari Guides, we recommend only expert climbers to consider trekking within five days for the best summit achievement.

Since Kilimanjaro Mountain via the Marangu route can be climbed within five days, our climbing gurus advise at least one more night at Horombo for better acclimatization; doing so gives your body enough time to cope with the high heights and practically increases the chance to reach the summit. 

While climbing Kilimanjaro with us, the entire East Africa Safari tour company climbing team will accompany you to ensure everything is in place. You reach the summit, expert guides to lead you, porters to carry your belongings, and cook to prepare your meals every day; you will be provided with a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner to energize your body. Most guides are wilderness first responder (WFR) trained. This gives our travelers the courage that they will reach the summit safely. 

We provide guidance for our clients during the booking to enable them to be well-prepared for their trekking.  


Upon your arrival at the airport, your private transfer guide will transfer you to the hotel in Arusha, Arumeru River Lodge, where you will rest and recover from a long flight. Depending on your arrival time, your mountain guide will be there to brief you about the upcoming Kilimanjaro climbing adventure and ensure you have all the necessary gear for trekking. If you lack some, it is always possible to rent. They will take the list of what you’re missing and find them for you.

In case your arrival is very late, it is recommended to add a free one extra day to make sure you rest well before starting the climb; remember, you need to be mentally and physically fit to conquer the Kilimanjaro summit.


Early in the morning, after breakfast at your lodge, your guide will arrive together with a private vehicle to transfer you to Marangu gate, which is the trekking starting point of your expedition. The route begins at an elevation of 1830 m and ends at 2700 m. For today, you will be passing through the rainforest, so make sure you put on rain gears since you may encounter dense humidity along the way. For nature lovers, there is so much to see on the way to Mandara Hut: bananas, coffee plantations, and mangoes. We will walk 8 miles (12 Kilometers) for about seven to eight hours, depending on your pace. This is your very first day at Kilimanjaro’s altitude, and please follow your guide’s instructions to help you summit. Also, take enough water; if you feel any altitude sickness symptoms, take a Diamox pill to alleviate it.

Today, you will overnight at Mandara Hut.


It starts at 2700m and ends at 3720 m.

After breakfast, with your guide, make your way to Horombo; there are no rushes; take your own pace to ensure you arrive at the destination. As you leave the forest vegetation behind you, the landscape changes to a grassy plain characterized by tiny, beautiful wildflowers. On this day, you can see both Mawenzi and Kibo, the highest peaks of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Enjoy your lunch in the lunar landscape; you can hike to 200 meters to increase your acclimatization processes and later return to Horombo for a dinner and a night stay.


Start at 33720 m and finish at 4700 m.

You are drinking water day! Today’s hike takes you to the two highest peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi; the hike can be challenging, but all you need is consistency. The guide will be by your side, and they will be giving you all the necessary direction and guidance. Take your own pace, go slowly, and trust the process you will make it to the top. The landscape here is an alpine desert. Once you reach Kibo Hut, you will have your lunch and rest; the summit requires more energy, and our experts recommend enough time for sleeping; your cook will prepare the dinner very early, so there will be no time to waste. The walking distance from Horombo to Kibo is 5 to 8 hours, and you will cover 6 miles (10 km).

Remember the rule: Drink enough water!

5 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Route climbing
Kibo Hut


Today’s elevations; Uhuru Peak 5895 m & Horombo 3720 m

Around midnight, you start the ascent to Uhuru Peak, the glory of Africa! Please remember your headlamps; you will use them until morning—nothing to fear. Remember, the joy lies ahead; your guide will be by your side to help and support you. This is the great day you have been waiting for. After four walking hours, the most challenging part will be gone. The remaining part is simple: keep on drinking water. Uhuru Peak is pretty close once you reach Gilman’s Point. After a few walking hours, you will get to the highest peak in Africa, celebrate, take photos, and sing if you can. Did you bring the flag of your country? Remember that.

After our celebration, we will return to Horombo Hunt for lunch and overnight; at East Africa Safari Guides, we promise none of you will surrender on the way; keep the positive vibe always. Today, we will walk for about twelve hours, but don’t give up; you will always hear your guides saying “Pole Pole,” meaning go “slowly slowly.”


Today, after breakfast, you will descend from 3720 m to 1800 m, exit the park, and drive back to Arusha town.

Walking distance: 12 miles (18 km)

Time: 5 to 6 hours

You will overnight at the same lodge, Arumeru River Lodge.


Today, your driver guide will transfer you back to Kilimanjaro International Airport to catch your flight home.

You can extend this trip to either Zanzibar or add-on Safari. Our travel planners will help you determine the best for you during the booking procedures.

What is included & excluded? 

  • All airport transfers

  • Transfer to/from the mountain

  • All crews (cook and porters)

  • Professional climbing guide fluent in English, Spanish, German, French or Italian

  • All park fees & government taxes

  • Foods & mineral drinking water

  • Accommodation before and after climbing


  • Visa expenses (100 USD for US and 50 USD for other nationals)

  • Travel insurance (Highly recommended to purchase the comprehensive plan)

  • Tips

  • Sleeping bags (can be rented from our office)

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