5 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Trekking Expedition : The Marangu Trail, The most popular, least expensive, and quickest trekking route up Mount Kilimanjaro, is a five-day hike. Due to the daily high altitude, this route demands the highest fitness level. When you make a reservation, East Africa Safari Guides will provide you with appropriate advice on what to do to ensure the success of the summit. 

The only Kilimanjaro climbing route that offers huts is the Marangu route; these huts are constructed in the shape of dormitory-style cabins, meaning that it is not feasible to reserve a private room. There will be four or more bunk beds in each room. The Marangu route on Mount Kilimanjaro is the only one that goes straight to the top and returns by the same path.

Because the height changes on the Marangu route every day of the climb, East Africa Safari Guides advises only experienced climbers to think about hiking within five days for the most outstanding summit achievement.

Our climbing experts recommend spending another night in Horombo for improved acclimatization, even if the Marangu route can be completed in five days. This will allow your body enough time to adjust to the high altitudes and increase your chances of reaching the summit.

The whole East Africa Safari tour company climbing team will be with you while you climb Kilimanjaro to ensure everything is in order and you reach the summit. They will include professional guides to lead the way, porters to carry your belongings, and a cook to prepare your meals every day. A healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to you to keep your body going. Our travelers are given the confidence that they will reach the top safely since the majority of our guides are certified as wilderness first responders or WFRs. 

To help our clients be well-prepared for their trekking, we offer advice during the booking process.  


Your guide will pick you up in a private car and drive you to Marangu gate, the beginning of your trekking trip, early in the morning, following breakfast at your lodge. You’ll be traversing through the rainforest on this route, which starts at an elevation of 1830 meters and ends at 2700 meters, so be sure to wear rain gear in case you run into high humidity along the way. Mangoes, bananas, coffee farms, and other natural scenery abound on the route to Mandara Hut for those who enjoy the outdoors. Depending on your walking speed, we will walk eight miles (12 kilometers) in seven to eight hours.

This is your first day at the height of Kilimanjaro. Please follow your guide’s recommendations, as they will significantly aid in your ascent. You should also drink enough water and take a Diamox tablet to relieve any altitude sickness symptoms you may be experiencing.

You will spend the night in Mandara Hut today.


Ends at 3720 meters, starting at 2700 meters.

After breakfast, travel to Horombo with your guide; don’t rush; go at your speed to ensure you reach your destination. The scenery changes as you leave the forest greenery behind and enter a grassy plain filled with tiny, lovely wildflowers. The highest peaks of Kilimanjaro Mountain, Mawenzi and Kibo, are visible on this particular day. Savor a midday meal under the moon sky while hiking to a height of 200 meters to accelerate your acclimatization process. Afterward, head back to Horombo for supper and an overnight stay.

5 Day Kilimanjaro Marangu Trekking Expedition


Begin at 33720 meters and end at 4700 meters.

Water-drinking day! The trip to the two highest peaks in the world, Kibo and Mawenzi, is scheduled for today. It may be difficult but don’t worry—a guide will be by your side, providing you with all the information and direction you need. You will succeed if you go at your own speed, proceed cautiously, and have faith in the process. This area is an alpine desert. After arriving at Kibo Hut, you will eat lunch and relax because climbing demands more energy. Our expert advises getting adequate sleep, and your cook will start preparing dinner early to save you time. Walking six miles (10 km) and taking five to eight hours will get you from Horombo to Kibo.

Keep in mind the rule: Get enough water!


The altitudes of Uhuru Peak (5895 m) and Horombo (3720 m) today

You begin your climb to Africa’s most majestic peak, Uhuru Peak, at midnight. You will need your headlamps till sunrise, so please remember them. This is the beautiful day you have been waiting for, so have no fear—remember, joy is ahead, and your guide will be at your side to encourage and assist you every step of the way. The hardest part will disappear after four hours of walking; the remaining portion is now straightforward: continue drinking water. The distance to Uhuru Peak is short when you arrive at Gilman’s Point. You will arrive at Africa’s highest peak after a few more trekking hours. Celebrate, take pictures, and sing if you can. Have you brought your home country’s flag?

We will return to Horombo Hunt for lunch and the night after our celebration. At East Africa Safari Guides, we pledge that you will never give up along the journey; always have an excellent attitude. We will be walking for almost twelve hours today, so don’t give up; you will constantly hear your guides repeating, “Pole Pole,” which means to move “slowly slowly.”


After breakfast today, you will travel back to Arusha town or airport after descending from 3720 meters to 1800 meters.

Distance to walk: twelve miles (18 km)

Duration: 5–6 hours

What is included & excluded? 

  • Transfer to/from the mountain
  • All crews (cook and porters)
  • Professional climbing guide fluent in English, Spanish, German, French or Italian
  • All park fees & government taxes
  • Foods & mineral drinking water


  • Visa expenses (100 USD for US and 50 USD for other nationals)
  • Travel insurance (Highly recommended to purchase the comprehensive plan)
  • Tips
  • Sleeping bags (can be rented from our office)
  • Accommodation before and after climbing
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