14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour : Over the next fourteen days, we will explore the diversity of Tanzania on a wildlife safari tour and visit the cultural area and supernatural natures. This trip will be entirely private, led by a professional safari guide from East Africa Safari Guides. You will stay in both Moshi town and Arusha town. These charismatic towns have a deep history rooted in the 16th century, and your tour guide in Tanzania will explain. We will visit;

Materuni Waterfall: – One of the biggest waterfalls located at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, is surrounded by the locals, which makes it perfect for cultural exchange.

Mount Kilimanjaro: The highest Mountain in Africa, one of the seven summits on Earth, and the only free-standing mountain on Earth.

Osiligilai Maasai Village: – Visit a Maasai village in Western Kilimanjaro, learn about their way of life, meet local women, and visit the orphanage center. This village is the beaten path adventure.

Serval Wildlife Sanctuary:- One the most beautiful places to visit, come up close with wild animals like Giraffes, Cheetahs, Zebras, doves, Elands, Ostriches, and many others. Take pictures with them, feed them, what a brilliant experience. 

Arusha National Park: – One of the very best National Parks to ignite a sense of adventure, the Movie Hatari was shot here, an area with the largest population of Giraffes on Earth, a national park which has a mountain inside.

Tarangire National Park: – Best known for it is enormous population of Elephants; up to three hundred can be spotted during the dry season, ranging from June to November. The park also has the oldest baobab trees, dating back 1,000 years.

Lake Manyara National Park: – The only park in East Africa with tree-climbing lions, underground water, a hot water spring inside, the mating ground for flamingoes on Earth, and the Great Rift Valley Wall transverse in the park.

Lake Eyasi: – Home to the hadzabe community, the remaining hunter-gatherer society in this age, people who eat raw meat; women choose the man (Husband) who is an excellent hunter to bring home enough food. 

Serengeti National Park: – A winner of the best Leading National Park in Africa five consecutive times, a world heritage site where the most prominent world animal migration takes place annually by boasting over 2 million animal movements, the only place in Africa with the largest population of Lions.

Ngorongoro Crater: – One of the Seven Wonders of Africa, the most enormous caldera on Earth, which is thought to have collapsed three million years ago. A place where wild animals and human beings share the ecosystem.

Day 1. Arrival in Tanzania.

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met by our safari guide; after greetings and helping you pack your luggage, you will drive to Moshi; you will stay at the Salinero Hotel.

All the tour briefings will be done today; if you arrive early, you can explore Moshi town with your guide; if the skies are clear, it is possible to see the highest Mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Day 2. Materuni Waterfall tour.

After breakfast, you will drive to Materuni waterfall, which is situated at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What is notable today?

We will visit Materuni Village, learn about the Chagga traditions, and see what they do to earn their daily life; the main activities here are coffee plantation and banana growing.

Swim in the Materuni water pool.

Learn how they grow coffee; each of you will prepare his coffee using the local method like local people.

Take nice pictures of the waterfall, which is 200 meters in height

Eat local foods with villagers. 

Later in the evening, they return to the hotel full of excitement. You will stay at the same hotel.

Day 3. Day Hike to Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Shine and Rise! After breakfast, we will head to Kilimanjaro Mountain and engage on a day hike via the Lemosho route; you will be approaching the mountain from the west side, and you will walk for about 3 to 4 hours. Our last point from Londorossi gate will be the Moru Camp picnic site, which is located at an elevation of 3,407M amsl 

After our lunch, we will turn back and drive to Osiligilai Maasai Lodge in west Kilimanjaro.

Day 4. Osiligilai Maasai Village Excursion.

Today is just a wonderful day in Africa! We will have our breakfast, and after that, a local Maasai Guide will walk us through a Maasai village; there is a lot to learn here: their lifestyle, how they look after cows, what are the responsibilities of family members, every member has their own task in the family and task are separated by age.

See the traditional herbal medicine and visit orphanage centers, which are supported by Osiligilai Lodge admin. 

Later in the afternoon, return to this secluded lodge for lunch and relaxation by the pool overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro; what a superb view of the day!

In the evening, there will be a barbecue with a Maasai Laigwanan, a Maasai leader, a throwing spear competition, and sundowners are some of the activities we will be doing there.

Overnight at Osiligilai Maasai Lodge

Day 5. Serval Wildlife Sanctuary Tour.

 On the 5th day of your 14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour , just after lunch together with your tour guide, you will head to Wildlife Sanctuary;

What does our day look like?

Will be surrounded by hundreds of wild animals: Giraffes, impalas, zebras, elands, doves, and other beautiful birds.

Can we feed them?

Yes, you can feed them; it is a truly fantastic experience.

After lunch, you will drive to Arusha town, where you will go to Ilboru Safari Lodge for your relaxation and overnight. 

14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour
Serval Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

Day 6. Arusha National Park, Game Drive & Walking Safari

On the 6th day of your 14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour , Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will drive to Arusha National Park, which is located 30 kilometers from Arusha town; today, you will explore the park with your private safari tour guide, and the area is entire of wildlife.

Once you arrive in the park, you will have an opportunity to do a walking safari, which lasts for up to 4 hours; an expert safari ranger will be escorting you all the way to ensure maximum safety. During the guided nature walk in Arusha Park, you can see many animals like Elephants, buffaloes, zebras, baboons, Elands, flamingoes, gooses, and many more.

The park is considered a safe area for walking safari in Africa because of the lion’s absence.

Your safari guide will set a lunch table near the waterfall where you will celebrate and enjoy your meals.

After a day game drive, you will return to the lodge in Arusha for your night stay.

Day 7. Arusha to Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is a superb combination of safari itineraries, which include the Ngorongoro and Serengeti safaris. This park is slightly located outside the primary northern safari circuit. The safari atmosphere here is unbeaten; most of the travelers skip Tarangire or decide to venture here for a few hours and leave the entire wealth of Tarangire National Park unexplored. 

The park is famous for its elephant migration, which occurs from June to November, giving it outstanding credit to explore. During the dry season, the park experiences over 3,000 elephants and other migratory animals. Zebras and Wildebeests decorate the park with buffaloes, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, leopards, dwarf mongoose, oryx, kudus, and Maasai giraffes.

After exploring the park the whole day, we will head to Manyara town, where our night’s accommodation awaits us. Manyara Best View Lodge, situated at the Great Rift Valley wall, is our today’s home. This lodge overlooks the entire Manyara Escarpment.

Day 8. Lake Manyara National Park

It is one the best areas to explore, less visited, but offers extensive game viewing. This morning, after breakfast, head to Manyara National Park; after all the check-in procedures, you will start looking for animals; keep your eye on the trees as you might see tree-climbing lions resting on top of the trees. 

The park is green all year round because of its underground water. You will also see other animals, such as zebras, giraffes, baboons, and elephants, to mention a few. This park is less visited and offers incomparable East Africa safari tours.

The ash soda lake is in the park’s center, where you can see over 1000 flamingoes.

 Later in the evening, return to your lodge with a bucket of best memories. Stay at Manyara Best View Lodge.

Day 9. Day tour to Lake Eyasi – The Hadzabe trip.

Today is a good day in Africa! Breakfast is over, and now we are heading to Lake Eyasi.

On the 9th day of your 14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour , we will meet Hadzabe, the last remaining hunter-gatherer community in Africa; these people have been living here for 100,000 years. The hadzabe live in the caves, feed on raw meats, fruits, and roots, and never wear clothes to cover their bodies. They wear animals’ skin instead since they’re good hunters, making it easy to find the skins. They are considered an endangered community because most of their lands have been taken away by the government to develop cultivation, and they are forced to join the civilization. 

This area is occupied by other Bushmen called Tindiga, who are also hunters and gathers; they are animals like baboons and monkeys.

We will participate with them in their hunting activities; you will likely see how they lotion their bodies with baboon’s bone marrows.

We will drive near Lake Eyasi, dotted with palm trees and old dhows used by locals to fish; we will have our lunch here and then, later in the evening, return to Karatu town.

Today, we will stay at Hhando Coffee Lodge, located at the foothills of Ngorongoro Highlands.

Day 10 & 11. Serengeti National Park

On day 10, After breakfast, we will drive to Serengeti National Park via Ngorongoro Highlands; the next two nights will be spent in Serengeti exploring the epic savannah of Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem. Any safari tour to Africa is complete with visiting Serengeti National Park. Serengeti is the uttermost safari destination in Africa; the place remains untouched, which is why Tanzania Safari is worth it when combined with the Serengeti tour. The best safari time in Serengeti is from June to October for those wishing to see the Annual Migration Safari in Serengeti, whereby more than 2 million wildebeests and over 200,000 migrate into Kenya.

To have the finest safari trip in Serengeti, where your stay plays a significant role, our tour operator safari company in Arusha will help you locate the best Serengeti lodge for your stay.

There are many animals to see in Serengeti apart from the Migration Safari, such as hartebeest, hyrax, topi, caracals, lesser and greater kudus, elands, hippos, lions, cheetahs, leopards, and many others.

Day 12. Transfer from Serengeti to Karatu town.

After spending the entire game viewing day in Serengeti, we will drive out of the park and head towards the Karatu town to Hhando Coffee Lodge; we will spend our night here by the pool.

Day 13. Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive

Today, after breakfast, you will head to Ngorongoro Crater for a day game drive. Ngorongoro is a wildlife haven, the best place to feature in your Tanzania Safari Package if it offers a wide range of animals to see and explore. 

Once upon a time, this caldera was tallest than the Highest Mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro. The crater is 600 meters deep, and its surface area is 260 square kilometers. In the crater, many animals are living; if you ever want to witness the BIG-5, the Ngorongoro Safari tour in Tanzania is the best place to see them. There are plenty of animals to see, such as Ostriches, hippos, elands, waterbucks, hyenas, wild dogs, and many more.

After an extensive safari game drive in Ngorongoro, together with your private driver guide, you will exit the crater and drive back to your lodge, Hhando Coffee Lodge.

Day 14. Transfer home 

After breakfast, we will head to the airport to connect the flight back home. 

Please remember the check-out time is at 11AM. If you have a late flight, you can always book a day’s room at an extra cost. 

End of 14 Days Unforgettable Wildlife Safari, Cultural & Water Fall Tour

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