East Africa is one of the best African safari destinations for a photographic safari. It is known for the best National parks, reserves, nature, and wonders, and it is breathtaking in wildlife photography. A photographic safari is a wildlife and nature photography expedition conducted during a safari with a guide accompanying tourists in capturing wildlife in their natural habitats.

Wildlife photography safari in Kenya

Most holidaymakers usually dream of taking beautiful photographs of the fantastic sceneries of East Africa, the mighty sunrises or sunsets, or creatures significant and trivial as they live their natural lives; there’s certainly no shortage of these in the East African Safari. A photographic safari in East Africa is incredible since there are spectacular safari destinations where you can get a chance to witness all the sceneries and capture all the photographs you have always dreamed of. With the support of your experienced guide offered by East Africa Safari Guides, you’ve chosen to get to the right place at the right time, and the assurance of coming away with remarkable shots is high.

A wildlife photographic Safari is not just having the best camera sets; it rather implies having the best guide who is well equipped and can envisage the activities and behaviors of the wildlife, who is always dedicated to making sure you’re self-assured and ready enough to snap whatever the wildlife will do next is perfect. Wildlife photography safari is a golden chance to get out of the tech world and immerse yourself in East Africa’s wildlife sanctuaries on a private jeep while enjoying taking photos of wild animals and stunning landscapes.

Wildlife photography safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is an eye-catching safari destination for any tourist or photographer worldwide. With great places like the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro National Park to Zanzibar, game reserves like Selous, and other natures, Tanzania provides an outstanding wildlife photographic safari experience.

Northern Tanzania is a great place to visit for a wildlife photography safari. It includes great National Parks such as the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro Mountain, Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, Olduvai Gorge, and Mkomazi National Park, where holidaymakers can sightsee and take shots of the Great Migration, when thousands of wildebeest, gazelles, elands, and zebras migrate. The best predator action shots can be taken from this place. 

Wildlife photography safari
Photographer in an open-sided modified safari jeep

Good natural lighting conditions with clear hot days offer bright color opportunities within cultural villages, where photographers are advised to stay at the highlands for the best shots. For birding – After the short rains, Tarangire is green and lush, offering phenomenal birding of both resident and migrant species. Below is a glance through wildlife photography safari into some of the leading northern circuit safari destinations:

Wildlife photography safari in the Great Serengeti National Park

Suppose you are among the people dreaming of a remarkable photographic safari through the ‘endless plains’ of Serengeti National Park. In that case, you have to book one of the exclusive wildlife photography safari packages from East Africa Safari Guides, and they will handle the rest for you. While in Serengeti, most photographers aim to witness the iconic Mara River crossings, one of the mysterious events of the Great Migration, when the migratory animals negotiate their way through the mighty river. 

You will stop at this river and position yourself at the right angle to picture the event. Plan your trip between August and September to take unmatched photos of Mara River crossings. Another excellent river crossing is observed on the Grumeti River in the Western Corridor, which takes place between June and July.

An experienced driver guide will drive you slowly through the vast plains to view the Big Five animals, such as lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and black rhino. Lion prides can be spotted easily in the endless grassy plains of Serengeti, while leopards are usually isolated in small groups of up to three individuals. Buffalos usually graze in large groups in pasture-rich plains, while elephants can be spotted in long grasslands and woodlands. The black rhino is less social, and it usually hides in shrubs. You must be careful when spotting this historical mammal as it blends with the surrounding environment.

Another attraction worth a photographic tour of is Serengeti National Park, which has a rich birdlife. With over 500 bird species recorded, Serengeti will confuse you about what photo to take as you stare at colorful birds such as Ashy starlings and Secretary birds.  

Wildlife photography safari in Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is an idyllic soda lake surrounded by pristine forests of acacia and baobab trees. On your photographic tour, you will be amazed by its pinkish appearance from a distant view—pink flamingos mainly cause the lake’s pinkish color. You can stop close to the shores of this beautiful lake and take pictures of such stunning water birds. 

The professional guides from East Africa Safari Guides know all the best places for your photographic Safari in Lake Manyara. You will be led to the iconic tree-climbing lions breathing the most excellent air of this park on top of acacia trees. As you drive very slowly through the dense forests, you will encounter beautiful animals, allowing you to picture them with your modern camera. 

Photographic safari in Tarangire National Park

This is another stunning destination for an exclusive photographic safari in Tanzania. This touristy national park is well known for its vast herds of elephants, old baobab trees, and abundant birdlife. A private drive through this iconic park will let you take photos of the largest land animals grazing near the mighty Tarangire River. The baobab trees of Tarangire are said to be over 300 years old and are mysterious to record in photos for memories. The birdlife of this park is incredible, with colorful flying from tree to tree while singing birds are singing beautiful hymns. All these wonderful things and hidden gems make Tarangire a perfect destination for a photographic safari.

While in Tanzania, the Southern Tanzania Safari Circuit is another outstanding safari destination where you can enjoy photography safaris. The Southern Safari Circuit has national parks and reserves such as Selous Game Reserve, Udzungwa Mountains, Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Park, Mikumi National Park, Saadani, Ruaha National Parks, and Kitulo National Park. There are several photographic events such as birding -frenetic resident and migratory birdlife after the short rains, hot clear days with excellent morning and evening light whereby photographers are advised to stay at the Jabali Ridge for best shots. 

Wildlife photography safari in Uganda

Uganda is remarkably one of the great destinations for an East African photography safari, known for habituating 13 unique primates and 330 mammals. Out of these species, about six are found only in Uganda, so the only way to get their photograph is by planning a safari to Uganda. There are incredible places to take shots from the Uganda safari. 

These places include Kidep Valley National Park, a park that is extensively known as a territory of over 4000, and Murchison Falls National Park, which covers a total area of 3840 square kilometers and is famously known for being an excellent habitat for many elephants, giraffes, leopards, African buffalo, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles in the Nile and birds of different species. Murchison Falls National Park also offers tourists a chance to take shots of the scenic views of various activities during the game drives. Some of these activities are the hot air balloon safari, boat safaris, and photos while exploring the incredible waterfalls. Queen Elisabeth National Park and Mgahinga National Parks are other spots for a great photographic safari.

Wildlife photography safari in Kenya

Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve is the best ground for a photographic safari, and it has green nature from November to February. Kenya is best for Rhino shots – Clear skies after the rains allow for excellent photography conditions, capturing rhinos against the backdrop of Mount Kenya, big cat seasons, great migration collaborating with the Serengeti, Best portraits with Good natural lighting conditions with hot clear days offering bright color opportunities within the nature is fantastic in Kenya.

Wildlife photography safari in Kenya

Photographic safari in the United Republic of Congo

The photographic tour around Congo is breathtaking due to its spiced experience with the Western lowland Gorillas and other lowland mammals. Congo is also exceptional for its three great national parks, Odzala KoKoua National Park, Nouabale Ndiki National Park, and Conkouati Ndoki National Park. These offer great scenes for the best photography shots.

Despite the above countries’ safaris, there are several other great destinations in the remaining constituents of East Africa. These places include the Volcanoes National Park, which harbors the enormous gorillas in Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park, and the Akagera National Park, the territory ground for the world creatures known as the Big Five. All these safari destinations are made with the aid of East Africa Safari Guides. Having a goal of transforming ordinary travel styles while creating endless memories in the vacationers’ souls, East Africa Safari Guides offers an exclusive Wildlife Photography Safari Package where holidaymakers will be accompanied by a skilled photographer with all the sophisticated cameras and photographic equipment upon your request. 

In some East Africa Safari destinations, steering a Wildlife Photographic Safari might require seeking a permit from the intended board and National Parks Authorities; thus, upon a client’s request, the East African Safari Guide will perform all the processes on behalf of the tourist to uphold an excellent start to your destination where nature, hospitality, and culture blend seamlessly leaving you in great awe.


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