Mkomazi National Park : This famous national park was established in 1951 as a game reserve and re-established in 2008 as a National Park. It is located in northern Tanzania, and the park borders the Tsavo National Park in the north of part. Mkomazi-Tsavo Ecosystem is where Mkomazi National Par lies.

Can I see rhinos in Mkomazi National Park? There is a rhino sanctuary inside the park, and it is straightforward to go and see them close to you. The cost per person for visiting a rhino conservation unit is 100$, which can be paid directly by the client at the entrance gate.

Since Mkomazi National Park is very close to Tsavo National Park in Kenya, many animals migrate from Kenya into this park; buffaloes and other species of impalas, like greater kudus and lesser kudus, flock in the park.

This park is less visited than Rubondo National Park; tourists can enjoy the morning and evening game drives, and its undistributed nature makes the area unique and attractive. 

Birding Safari in Mkomazi National Park

The park is home to the most diminutive endemic species of birds. Many of the Migratory birds from North America are seen in the park from May to December, including avians like Ndingira, hoopoes, fowls, and European rollers. 

Mkomazi National Park
Mkomazi National Park

The park is easily accessed from Dar es Salaam or Arusha. Inside the park, there are several airstrips where small aircraft can land and take off.

Where to stay in Mkomazi National Park

Inside the park, there are a few accommodations, which are public and private campsites, Maore and Zange, which feature public toilets and washrooms. At times, it can be busy, so book a secluded campsite, such as Mbula and Dindira, but bear in mind that you will need to bring your safari chef while in African Safari; no hustle. East Africa Safari Tours, we can help you arrange that. Outside the park, there are a few other safari hotels and lodges like Mkomazi Lodge and Campsite. It is good to remember that Mkomazi Lodge is located 220 meters from Arusha town so some services may be better than in Arusha hotels or other safari destinations. 

Walking Safari in Mkomazi National Park

Guided nature walk in Mkomazi is the best safari experience here; an armed tour range will escort you, and it usually lasts for up to 4 hours; it only costs 25 USD per adult and an extra ranger escort fee of 25 USD per group which a tour operator pays to the Government through a Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GEPG) system which ensures all taxes are collected by the central Government as all money are directed to the Central Bank of Tanzania (BOT).

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