Mount Meru is a dormant composite volcano 35 kilometres from Arusha city and 75 km west of Kilimanjaro. It is the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro Mountain and the fifth one in Africa, right after Mount Kenya, Stanley (Uganda and DR Congo), and Speke (Uganda). Mount Meru towering at 4,562.13 meters (14,968 ft) above the ground. This mountain is essential as it supports the life of fauna and flora within the Arusha National Park. There is a crater in Mount Meru, which is 3.5 kilometers wider; the last eruption is believed to have occurred in 1910. Also, the Movie “Hatari” was filmed in the Mount Meru surroundings. 

Activities at Mount Meru in Arusha National Park


Trekking to Mount Meru is one of the activities that can be done in Mount Meru; climbing to the top of Meru is typically done in five days; however, some situations can be done in three days; on the first day, you will be escorted by an armed ranger because of the presence of the wildlife. Mount Meru provides a quality hut dormitory for the climbers to use.

The cost of climbing Mount Meru for 3 days ranges between 900 USD to 950 USD while 4-day Mount Meru climbing may cost between 1,000 USD to 1,050 USD per person; also, remember that the number of people traveling together has an impact on the price also.

When is the best time to Climb Mount Meru?

Mount Meru can be climbed all year round. Still, our team at East Africa Safari Touring Company advises our clients to avoid the rainy season and consider climbing from early January to early March and then from June to October.

Mount Meru
Mount Meru

Before Mount Meru hike, we recommend you at least start physical exercises to keep your body fit for the upcoming Meru climbing; you can also practice the Pranayama breathing technique that helps your lungs perform better. 

Guided Walking Safaris in Mount Meru/ Arusha National Park.

The Arusha National Park offers an incredible walking safari; participating in this unique nature exploration provides you with the best African safari experiences; the guests are escorted by a well-armed ranger; usually, the walking starts at Momella gate and ends at Itikoni. Inside the park, there are a few waterfalls, such as Cave Waterfall, Tululusia Waterfall, and Maio Waterfall, which makes the park the very best place to unwind.

Most clients combine Mount Meru hike with Wildlife Safari; the most popular itinerary is the 8-day Mount Meru Climbing and Serengeti Safari Tour.

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