Ruaha National Park is the second biggest National Park in Tanzania, located in Southern Tanzania, approximately 135 kilometers from Iringa town; this is the largest protected area in East Africa. Ecological areas cover a distance of 20 226 square kilometers. In 1964, this park regained the title of a National Park after going through several British and German Colonial Authorities ownership. It was named Saba Game Reserve in 1910 by German Colonial power before changing to Rungwa Game Reserve in 1946. This park is the perfect combination of Safari in the southern circuit: elusive leopards, cheetahs, and rarely-seen wild dogs.

There is a flowing river in the middle of the park called The Great Ruaha River, the source of life in the entire region. Also, the water is used in the production of electricity by the Tanzanian Government.

Night game safari in Ruaha National Park: 

At East Africa Safari Guides, we constantly strive to ensure we color your African Safari tour, and we provide the best bush night game drive in Ruaha National Park; our experienced safari guides, accompanied by a professional armed tour ranger, will accompany you during these activities. Some partner safari lodges in Ruaha Park, like Jabali Ridge, provide this unique and lovely experience. We consider a night game adventure as the only best way of exploring the wildlife in dark hours. Most of the never-easily-seen animals, like common genet and bush babies, can be spotted; our guides use the spotlight to search for these animals in the bush and shrubs. Joining a night game safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will find nowhere other than Africa.

Things to do and see in Ruaha National Park: 

Ruaha National Park is incomparable to no park in Africa; there are plenty of animals to witness, including all the Big Five animals like Elephants, Leopards, and Lions.

Guided nature walks around Mdonya Old River are an awe-inspiring safari feeling.

Ruaha National Park
Ruaha National Park Wildlife

The park boasts thousands of migratory birds; the area is perfect for birdwatchers.

This is a haven for honeymooners; the park offers excellent views and landscapes as the Great East Africa Valley transverse in the park.

This area is a completely driest season park; from May to December, the greenish disappears and makes the area visitable as animals gather at the river banks drinking, which leads the park to be an excellent area for spotting the majestic wildlife.

Ruaha Safaris can be combined with Serengeti or Selous National Parks; a simple way of getting there is by flying from either Serengeti National Park or Dar es Salaam. Msembe Airstrip and Jongomero Airstrip are the two main airstrips inside the park.  

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