Kibale National Park : One of the best remaining chimps in the world, Kibale National Park is the perfect destination for family and couple safaris in Uganda. Habituated chimpanzee families call Kibale National Park home; beautiful vegetation and tropical landscape attract visitors worldwide to visit. 

Kibale National Park is located in the western part of Uganda, almost 6 hours from Kampala city. The national park is close to other significant wildlife attractions such as Ndali Kasenda crater, Rwenzori Mountains, Semuliki National Park, and a 7-hour drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Animals to see in Kibale National Park

More than 1,400 members of chimpanzees live here in Kibale National Park, and thirteen different species of other diversity of apes exist in Kibale. The presence of these wild animals makes Uganda the best safari destination in Africa and perhaps the world. Alongside colobus, monkeys, mangabeys, potto, and olive baboons inhabit the Kibale National Park. 

You will spot rarely-seen animals like Leopards, buffaloes, elephants, duikers, and bush pigs if you’re lucky enough. Kibale National Park makes the most of Uganda’s safari experience.

Hiking in Kibale National Park

Trekking in Kibale Forest is another unique excursion in Kibale; the Kibale walking trail stretches about twelve kilometers away, hence is an ideal place for walking. On the way during the Kibale hiking tour, you may be lucky enough to see some of the best reptiles, like Butterflies and small amphibians.

Cultural Tour around Kibale National Park

Batooro people, as well as the Bakiga, live around the Kibale, which makes the area the best place for cultural tours in Uganda; after you’re chimpanzee tracking safari inside the Kibale National Park, it is a good idea to engage in a short cultural exchange around the area, Batooro people will offer a traditional dance, show you their way of life, visit local churches, meet supernatural healers and also visit the local schools.

Birding Safari in Kibale National Park

With over 400 bird species, Kibale National Park offers authentic safari tours in Uganda; those who want to enjoy the birds can visit from March to May during the rainy season as it is easier to stop birds. Birds like African pitta, Black bee-eater, Black-capped apalis, Blue-breasted kingfisher, Abyssinian ground thrush, little greenbul, lowland masked apalis, Purple-breasted sunbird, White-collared oliveback, White-spotted flufftail and Pin-tailed whydah to name a few inhabit Kibale National Park.

Kibale National Park
Abyssinian ground thrush

You can combine the Gorilla Trekking Experience with Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable with Uganda Wildlife Safari or Kenya and Tanzania Safari tours. 

Where to stay in Kibale National Park

There are many accommodation facilities inside and outside Kibale National Park; depending on your budget, you can book a luxury, budget, or standard accommodation in Kibale. 

The park has reputable safari accommodation located in Kanyanchu. Most lodges and hotels provide continental breakfast and international cuisine, which fits into any traveler’s budget. At Nkurubat Fort Portal town, there are luxury accommodations. Many clients prefer to stay near the Ndali crater because of its fantastic views.

Cost of Safari in Kibale National Park

Many factors would determine how much your safari will cost; for example, the entrance fee for non-resident adult is $ 40 and 20$ for children, chimpanzee permits is 200$ per person for non-resident adults, bird watching 30$, guided nature walk at bigodi swamp also priced at 30$ for adults. The type of safari lodge will significantly affect the cost of Uganda’s exquisite wildlife safaris. 

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