Kidepo Valley National Park : Positioned in the distant northeast of Uganda country, adjacent to the edges of South Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo is a fascinating place of semi-dry grassland, recurrent rivers, and small mountains. It is stunning – and reachable throughout the year. 

Several tourists shorten their drive by staying a night near Sipi Falls. The Park is located more than 500 kilometers from Kampala town.

It is also possible to access the Kidepo by flight from Entebbe Airport; these small aircraft fly regularly. The earlier confirmation is needed and sometimes is very expensive for solo travelers or few people due to the number of people who visit the park. 

Kidepo boasts over 80 mammal species, including lion, spotted, hyena, leopard, Giraffe, Caracal, Elephant, Zebra, Black rhinoceros, Rothschild’s giraffe, Skinks, Ostrich, Oribi, Bat-eared fox, Mountain reedbuck, 

Tortoises, Caracal and Dik-dik. 

Kidepo Valley National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park

A bird-watching safari in the Park is one of the best places to see various birds. While on Uganda wildlife adventure, you can see birds like the Yellow-billed Shrike, Black coucal, and Clapperton’s Francolin.

Guided Nature Walk: the best way to explore nature is by foot. An armed safari ranger will accompany you; you can see all the animals you didn’t see during the game drive. 

The best time to enjoy what Kidepo Valley National Park offers is during the dry season in Uganda, which spans from June to October and December through February. Seeing the animals as they congregate at the few remaining waterholes is always accessible. 

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