Queen Elizabeth National Park : The best place to see lions in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park. Only two national parks in East Africa can you see tree-climbing lions, such as Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Lakes, wetlands, and savannah grasslands characterize the park and host Uganda’s sheer amount of wildlife. 

The park was named after the Queen of England, who visited there in 1954. Queen Elizabeth National Park lies between the Lake Albert and Lakes Gorge.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the premium destination for birding safari in Uganda; the park hosts 620 bird species with the highest range worldwide, making it the perfect safari destination in Africa. Also, the park is excellent for its apes tracking and other Mammals. 

Explore the southern part of the park, Ishasha, to see the tree-climbing lions, usually spotted on the acacia trees. A natural waterhole in Kazinga Channel also connects Gorge and Lake Albert and hosts many hippos, elephants, and Nile crocodiles. Boat safari tours in Kasenyi are another unique activity to do.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Boat safari tours in Kasenyi

To get to Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kampala, drive 8 to 9 hours on the tarmac road. At East Africa Safari Guides, we recommend adding a few stops at other national parks on the way rather than driving directly to Queen Elizabeth National Park, which covers about 260 miles.

The park can also be reached by air from Kajjansi airstrip close to Kampala, and the nearest airfields in Queens are Mwenya, Ishasha, and Kasese. It is also possible to fly from Entebbe International Airport in Kampala. The flights take about an hour or two to reach the Queens.

The best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park is from June to September and January to February during the dry season,

Most tourists in Uganda combine more than one safari destination; you can tie Queen Elizabeth National Park with gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park or Kibale National Park with Murchison Falls National Park. If you’d like something extraordinary, think of touring the Ssese Islands, taking a short cruise at the river Nile, and staying at Wildwaters Lodges in Uganda.

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