Yogi  & Yogini Safari Tours in Tanzania : Yoga Tanzania Safari Adventure is a travel experience designed by East Africa Safari company to connect travelers with nature; for anyone looking to rejuvenate, restore their bodies and minds, and feel something different from their daily life routine, this beautifully arranged program is perfect. We have selected hotels and lodges that offer a conducive environment for our travelers to practice yoga wellness; these accommodations are located in spectacular areas overlooking nature like the greenish, thickest forests, lakes, mountains, and beautiful landscapes. 

This wellness safari adventure will leave your body filled with new supernatural power and a fresh mentality, and soul will be renewed; you will be participating in yoga class, meditation sessions, and, above all, a Maasai older adult known as Oloiboni/Laibon who’s believed for their natural power such as hailer, divine power, mediator, the prophecy of people and medicine-man will meet you, here you can share stories, talk to him and share his thoughts over nowadays life, he spiritually talks to people and for that many of the people confess to having received healings from their long troubles. On this East Africa safari tour, everything will be natural, from the organic foods you eat to ensuring tremendous benefit from this Tanzania Wellness Safari Tours. 

Tanzania is the cradle of humankind; early human beings are believed to have originated here, and so, this East Africa Yoga tour will be ultimately a responsible travel and make sure it has a significant positive impact on the community we visit. We promise this yoga trip in Tanzania will be a powerful tool to enlighten your sense of power and bring about positive vibes when you return home. This safari will encompass the visit to Tarangire National Park, Arusha City, Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron, and Ololosokwan Maasai Village for an extraordinary cultural tour experience.