At East Africa Safari Guides; we recognize that climbing Kilimanjaro and going on a Tanzania wilderness safari might be a lifetime memory for numerous people. However, compared to other holidays, these arrangements may necessitate a significant expenditure, including flights, tour charges, lodging, and travel insurance, making them more expensive than most popular holiday locations.

That’s precisely why refund and cancellation concerns are so significant to so many people. There is always the risk of something coming up, and the tour must be rescheduled or immediately canceled.

Full refund isn’t possible, what’s the reason behind it?

Several individuals wonder how a complete refund is almost always unattainable.  After all, the tour had yet to occur, so what’s the harm in simply returning the funds? We would desire to do that for each client whose travel plans changed at the last moment and consequently join us on our incredible Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar vacation, or safari trip. It continually becomes difficult for the staff to say “no” to everyone we led through the planning procedures and with whom we planned to share our delight memories here in Tanzania.

Nevertheless, your journey is supported by more than East Africa Safari Guides as a tour operator. There are multiple entities whose contributions are critical to the tour’s success. We pay them prior to your arrival in Tanzania. Among them are:

Tanzania National Parks Authority

Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and safari grounds all have admission fees that tour firms must pay on behalf of their travelers. We do that 3-5 days before the scheduled start of your tour to minimize unwanted delays in the departures of our clients’ travels. These costs are non-transferable when paid.

Lodges, Tented Camps and Inbound Flights

The majority of our trip excursions include overnight stays in partner lodges that are not under our control. They have their cancellation policies, and we rarely acquire a complete refund if a trip is canceled.

The same goes for the local carriers that provide indoor air travel services for our clients between Tanzania’s mainland, islands, and some of the most distant national parks and Zanzibar Island.

Nonetheless, we strive to be adaptable and helpful.

East Africa Safari Guides does everything possible to ensure its client’s risk-free excursions. The concepts defined here are standard and apply to most circumstances. However, we constantly evaluate the specifics of each situation in collaboration with our partners’ hotels and lodges. We continuously endeavor to give a 100% refund in the most extreme conditions such death, significant sickness, war, or natural catastrophe in the living nation, and so forth.

When we receive a cancellation update from one of our clients, we immediately notify our accommodation partners, and we attempt to obtain a refund based on our client’s circumstances. Because we have worked with these accommodation partners for a long time, we have a good response rate, but this is not guaranteed very often.

What do I get if a tour is cancelled?

The reimbursement we may offer you is determined upon the date we receive your cancellation request.

Our current cancellation and refund procedure is as outlined below:

Please note the following cancellation fees based on the timing of your cancellation:

  • Cancellation made more than 90 days prior to the start of the tour will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation made between 60-89 days before the tour will result in a 30% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 30-59 days before the tour begins, a 60% cancellation fee will be applied.
  • Cancellation between 8 and 29 days before the tour will result in an 80% cancellation fee.
  • Please be informed that no reimbursement will be provided if you cancel within 0-7 days before the tour commencement.

If penalties and additional costs levied by lodgings and airlines surpass the abovementioned percentages, the irrevocable sum will be adjusted proportionately. The refund amount will be deducted from Bank commissions for returning funds to your account.

Cancel today Spend Later | Lifetime deposits

Instead of quitting the vacation, note that East Africa Safari Guides permits unlimited reserve on the initial payment, which you can utilize for any future trip with us. Remember, however, that our rates may be raised in the future for instance, if park authorities decide to raise park fees or the costs of essential trip supplies rise, and you will be required to cover the extra at your travel time.

Suppose you postpone your wildlife excursion rather than cancel it entirely. In that case, the accommodations and flights associated with your reservation will likely offer a no-penalty deferment or decrease your refund penalties. If you are eligible for a no-penalty postponement, we will reschedule your trip to alternative dates with no adjustments. However, the choice concerning a no-penalty deferral is entirely at the disposal of the hotels and aircraft involved in the booking, as they are permitted to apply fines irrespective of the reasons for the cancellation.

Additionally, consider that postponing your safari vacation on very little notice within the “peak seasons” of mid-December to mid-March or early July to mid-October is far more likely to result in a total cancellation fee of the hotel and domestic air travel charges. It does not imply that the entire tour money will be surrendered. However, because these expenditures constitute a significant portion of the overall travel expenses, the fees can be as high as 50-80%. We will add the sum to your account.


Once the traveler has paid in entire or in partial for a booking, the traveler is assumed to have accepted the terms and conditions stated hereunder as relevant to the contract entered into between EAST AFRICA SAFARI GUIDES LTD and the CLIENT.

I don’t have a travel Insurance – NO! Go get ONE!

We strongly advise you to purchase insurance with appropriate coverage for the trip termination to cover every scenario that could occur. If something unexpected happens, such as sickness or airline denial, you may apply for cash compensation from your insurance company. In response, we will provide all necessary verification of all your costs for you to provide to travel insurance company.

We do not provide travel insurance at East Africa Safari Guides, but World Nomads is our recommendation: Please be aware that we have no business relationship with them, but we appreciate their policies and believe they may be suitable for you; please feel free to purchase from your chosen agency.

Need more information? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest conveniences