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East Africa Wildlife Adventure

Spending time in the wild makes us appreciate nature and all its creation. It is also a place to discover species and animals you have never seen up close. The wild safaris create thrill and adventure, and you can unwind and create new memories.

While there are many sights to see, you need a guide to the best places to experience wildlife adventure. If you want to have some fun in East Africa, here is what we have in store for your East Africa adventure.

Tanzanian Adventure

Tanzania has a lot of wildlife adventures for tourists. It is home to many animals like Giraffes, wildebeest, Black rhinos, Zebras, and elephants. There are also predators, like lions, hyenas, jackals, and other big cats, that balance off the ecosystem. The savanna and tropical climate host the vast population of several other wildlife species.

The country has a large area compared to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. There are 22 national parks and community conservation areas. Notably, about a third of the country is protected to allow animals to roam freely.

You can experience adventure in the Serengeti. The great wildebeest migration between June and October between Serengeti and The Mara in Kenya is phenomenal. Experience wildlife safaris in the best parks in Tanzania.

A visit to the Tarangire will enhance the whole safari vibe. The walking safari can take as long as 2 to 4 hours. You can trek on the finest trails during the day and view animals in their natural habitat. 

Other incredible places include the Ngorongoro crater, which has unique wildlife. Get to see animals like lions, rhinos, hornbills, Elands, and blue monkeys, among others. 

Uganda wildlife safari

Uganda has high rankings worldwide, with National Geographic crowning it as the tenth best place to visit. The experience here is remarkable, and there is plenty to explore. If you want a wildlife safari, Uganda has unique animals in its ecosystem.

Visit Queen Elizabeth Park and enjoy a unique experience here. Watch herbivores like elephants, buffalo, Ugandan Kob, and Hippos. Watch the Ungulates and predators like lions, leopards, hyenas, and smaller cats like civets, genet, and serval. Other animals you can spot here include the giant forest hog, bushbuck, waterbuck, and the warthog, common in the Kasenyi plains.

Murchison Falls National Park is another place to watch wildlife. The park has many mammals, with over 76 species and a whopping 451 species of birds. Enjoy the scenic beauty here and spot animals like hippos and crocodiles on the riverbanks. Ultimately, you can also go for a gorilla trek in the Budongo forest. 

Rwanda Wildlife Safari

Touring Rwanda is magical. There are varieties of game animals like mountain gorillas and 600 species of birds. If you love game drives, there are plenty of places to view the animals in the wild. Trek close to see the mountain gorilla and their families.

Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries in Africa. Fall in love with the green land and plenty of hills. It is the land of a thousand hills. It is also the home to golden monkeys and other kinds of primates only found in the country.

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya is one of the highest-ranking places to enjoy a wildlife safari. There are spectacular places to view wildlife, including one park in the heart of the Capital city, Nairobi. If you are looking for a thrill, there are plenty of game reserves, national parks, and wildlife conservancies for endangered species.

A trip to the Mara is unforgettable. Watch the wildebeest migration. You can also enjoy watching other animals like giraffes, lions, buffaloes, hyenas, and warthogs. Fall in love with nature as you watch predators hunt down their prey.

The Rift Valley is a great place to enjoy nature and wildlife. There are also plenty of fun adventures and spectacular sights. Watch flamingoes in Lake Nakuru and other animals in the Lake Nakuru National Park. Head over to Lake Naivasha and experience the hippopotamus in the shallow edges of the lake. Additionally, there are plenty of places to go on a bird-watching adventure.

Nothing completes a Kenyan Safari like a trip to Mount Kenya National Park. Watch animals and birds in the area and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Finish it all with a trip to Tsavo National Park. It is vast, and it hosts a variety of wildlife.

East Africa Safari guides

East Africa Safari guides can help you create the best vacation trip you desire. We know all the best places, and they provide everything you need to have a fun safari in East Africa. Choose to vacation in any East African nation or have a blended experience. We are here to make your dreams a reality. 

Talk to us today and start packing for a thrilling East Africa tour. We take your ideas and turn them into an incredible safari adventure. Book with us your next East Africa wildlife adventure.