How to Book or Reserve Your Tour with East Africa Safari Guides

Procedure for Making Reservations;

  1. Request Placement: You submit a request.
  2. Scheduling Call: We reach out to you via telephone to arrange a complimentary call discussion either for an individual or the entire group.
  3. Itinerary Drafting: We prepare a preliminary version of the itinerary.
  4. Multiple Revisions: Several modifications and adjustments are made until the perfect program is achieved.
  5. Availability Check: Prior to finalizing the contract, our office in Arusha, Tanzania conducts a thorough availability check on all accommodations and makes temporary reservations.
  6. Contract/Itinerary Proposal: Once all rooms are confirmed available and as per your preferences, we send you a final contract/itinerary via email for your signature. Additionally, your deposit needs to be paid in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Alternative Arrangements: In case the desired accommodations are not feasible, we search for suitable alternatives before entering into a contract.

Courtesy block | Blocked Booking

Large tour operators who arrange group trips frequently reserve a block of rooms, expecting their pre-planned itineraries to be fully booked. Many lodges accept block bookings without requiring a deposit but need tour operators to pay for these rooms or release them when the dates approach (45 to 60 days in advance). What does this entail in terms of a private tour? It implies that it might be difficult to find hotels that sometimes cater to group excursions.

Pricing for Packages

The rates for our packages generally include the following, unless specified otherwise in the itinerary:

  • Accommodation and meals are provided.
  • All scheduled domestic and chartered flights are covered.
  • Your airport transfer is included.
  • During your safari experience, you will have the privilege of unlimited and exclusive use of a 4-wheel drive safari vehicle, accompanied by a knowledgeable driver. The vehicle will be well-maintained and equipped with a roof that can be opened for panoramic views of the wildlife. It will also be equipped with a radio, enabling your guide to communicate with other guides for the purpose of discovering the best viewing spots.
  • You will be accompanied by a Tanzanian driver/guide who is fluent in English and possesses extensive knowledge about Tanzania and its remarkable animal life.
  • All costs related to park entrance fees are included.
  • Fees for all the activities are covered

Price does not include

  • Incentives (See Travel Tips, Tipping.)
  • International Airlines
  • Drinks to accompany meals
  • Visas, laundry, vaccinations, malaria medicines, and so insurance for travel