Amboseli National Park, the best safari spot in Kenya and East Africa, is famous for its vast African Elephants, formerly Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, located in Kajiado County. The Amboseli ecosystem stretches on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. It covers an area of 392.06 kilometers. Squares, this beautiful area has attracted many visitors from across the globe to explore it.

Amboseli National Park boasts over 400 bird species, like hamerkop, crakes, kingfishers, weavers, and pelicans. The park consists of semiarid vegetation and Pleistocene, which are the central swamps in the park and thus attract the water birds and make the park best for the bird-watching safari experience.

In Amboseli National Park, you can see the view of Mount Kilimanjaro clearly; a safari to Amboseli can be combined with a Maasai Mara game drive and a Serengeti safaris.

Due to the long, dry months, Amboseli offers a great chance to witness the wildlife. Plains such as African buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, spotted hyenas, and impalas and Elephants inhabit the park alongside big cats like Lions.

Safari activities in Amboseli National Park – Safari Package for Amboseli Park

Game drive safari in Amboseli Area: safari sightseeing can be done in Amboseli National Park twice a day or a full day; during the safari game drive, you have the chance to see wildlife in the park by using our 4×4-Toyota land-cruiser which is well designed for good animal watching. Safari guides are crucial for any game drive in the Amboseli Safari trip because they are familiar with the area, park rules, and where to see animals. A Safari tour to Amboseli will let you explore this hidden gem like never before; the park is renowned for its vast elephant concentration and is the only place in Africa where you can see many elephants at once after Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.

Lake Amboseli: The name of the park is obtained from this river, a good location for wildlife viewing because animals congregate there for a drink during the dry months, and some of them, like elephants, do a process called Mud Wallowing to cool and protect their bodies from insects and African sun rays. Also, lake Amboseli is superb for bird-watching safaris in Kenya, while the entire park relies on water from the lake. If you want the best boat safari in Amboseli, then Lake Amboseli is perfect for that activity. Our East Africa Safari Guides team will help you arrange it.

Amboseli National Park
Bird in Amboseli National Park

: during the rainy season in Amboseli from March to May, and November marks the best time for avian lovers, more than 400 species of birds are available in the park, both resident and migratory. Birds like Famlingo, Pelicans, Pamgani longclaw, steel-blue whydah Secretary birds, Ostriches, Hartlaub’s bustard, Love birds, Starlings, von der Decken’s hornbill, Hamerkop, Superb starling, African spoonbill, White-browed coucal and many more exist in the park. In the rainy season, you will have ample opportunities to see them. Whether you are a bird lover or a bird photographer, it is worth using our birder guide to help you locate the birds and find any bird of your choice in Amboseli.


Observation Hill: the only place or area where a walking safari can be done inside the park, the hill brings about a breathtaking view of the park, a spotting point for the semiarid wildlife of Amboseli National Park; if you stand here, you will see animals such as zebras, wildebeests, hyenas, giraffes, dik diks, elephants, topis, buffaloes, impalas, foxes, oribis, hippos, kudus mention few.

Sinet Delta: Viewing point of Kilimanjaro, the free-standing mountain on earth and Africa’s highest peak. Sinet is situated a short distance from the observation hill, the best place to see the giraffes and elephants since this sector is dotted by small acacia trees, where herbivores feed.

Kenya Amboseli Safaris

The Kenya safari tour in Amboseli is the best activity in Kenya; its beauty and variety of landscapes attract people to visit and see the number of animals in the park. Regardless of the budget, you can still visit the Amboseli because, inside the park, there are many friendly price safari lodges and high-end hotels and camps. Apart from the wildlife viewing, you can embark on a cultural tour which gives the best insights about the African lifestyle.

Amboseli is one of the finest habitation in the world, where you can conduct elephant research and other films. It subsequently is located in the tail of the impressively thrilling Mount Kilimanjaro with a beautiful look of its beauty; it has ultimately made it a known safari destination in Africa.

Safari touring is available in Amboseli National Park twice a day or for the entire day. During the safari game drive, which takes place in a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser well-suited for excellent animal viewing, you may witness various park species. Because they know the terrain, park regulations, and the best places to watch animals, safari guides are essential for every Amboseli Safari game drive. After Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, Amboseli is the only spot in Africa where you may witness a large concentration of elephants at once. A safari excursion there will allow you to discover this hidden jewel like never before.

Amboseli provides an excellent opportunity to see animals due to its extended dry season. The park is home to large cats like lions and plains animals, including African buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, spotted hyenas, impalas, and elephants.

Safari Tours in Amboseli is an epic African adventure that families or friends can share.

More than 400 different bird species may be seen in Amboseli National Park, including kingfishers, pelicans, crakes, hamerkops, and weavers. The park’s primary wetlands, Pleistocene, are home to semiarid flora, which draws water birds and makes it the most excellent place to go on a bird-viewing Kenya safari.

The Amboseli habitat spans 392.06 square kilometers along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. It is a stunning region that has drawn tourists from all over the world to discover it.

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