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Your privacy is always being extremely vital to us. Our Privacy Policy is considered to provide pellucidity into our data performs in a setup that is easy to recite and circumnavigate. Give pleasure to read the segments below to apprehend how we gather, lot and protect your data.


East Africa Safari Guides website gathers private data to control our site analytics, comprising:

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We share this statistics with Greengeeks, our website analytics supplier, to study about site performance and traffic.

This website uses cookies and comparable tools, which are minor records or portions of text that transfer to a device when a guest browse a website our

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This website employs cookies and similar techniques, which are little text files or records that are transferred to a device when a visitor browses our website.

These necessary and helpful cookies are regularly utilized, allowing Greengeeks, our hosting provider, to reliably provide this website to you, visit

Visitors to the webpage

Greengeeks hosts this website. When you visit this website, Greengeeks gathers personal information such as:

  • Data on your browser, network, and device
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Email marketing

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