Akagera National Park Rwanda is Rwanda’s only grassland national park; many people flock to the country to visit. Rwanda is sometimes called the Land of Thousand Hills because many hills and beautiful landscapes surround it. The Akagera National Park’s ecosystem is an iconic reason why tourists prefer to visit here.

Akagera National Park is well situated on the border of Tanzania and Rwanda on the country’s eastern side. Akagera was derived from the river transversed in the Akagera River Park. Akagera Park is conquered by montane forests, swamps, and savannah and covers an area of 1,123 kilometer squares. In the eastern region of the park, there are a few lakes, such as Lake Ihema, which receive its water from the Akagera River. Akagera National Park is an ideal destination to include on any Rwandan safari itinerary. The first glimpse of wetlands and swamps when you arrive in Akagera will never disappoint and will be a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience in Rwanda.

This Akagera National Park was established in 1934 by the Belgian colonial government, and they called it “Parc aux Lycaons” because of the massive population of Wild dogs in the park. Rwandan wildlife safari is incomplete without a visit to this magical place, during your game drive in the park, you will feel the authentic taste of wildlife adventure the Akagera National Park is incomparable to none; tour here, and you will never remain the same it will trigger the sense of African safari.

Akagera National Park is famous for its beautiful landscapes; in the north sector, the park is covered by plains savannahs, and valleys and zigzag hills dominate the west; the presence of small swamps, marshes, and lakes make the Akagera National Park very attractive park in East Africa Safari destinations. Also, the park is inhabited by BIG-5 animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and African buffaloes and that is the reason why at East Africa Safari Guides, we advise our travelers to consider joining Akagera wildlife safari tours with gorilla trekking in Volcanoes Gorilla National Park for the best trip experience in Rwanda Safaris.

Primates and Mammals live in Akagera National Park; these wildlife animals include kobs, lions, zebras, hippos, and crocodiles. Avian life is also abundant in Akagera National Park, like ducks, barbets, weavers, shrikes, breasted roller, grey hornbills, crested barbet, Ross’s turaco, kingfishers, and seedeaters, among many others. Troops of baboons like vervet monkeys and olive baboons live in the park. A safari tour to Akagera is a kind trip experience in Rwanda, and you will also engage in a short nature-guided walk to come closer to nature. Our East Africa Safari Guides team will safely lead to ensure you have the renowned tour experience in Africa. 

Safari Tours in Akagera National Park | Trip to Akagera National Park

Birding-watching safari in Akagera National Park: The features of the Akagera National Park, including the swamps and forests, attract more than 500 bird species, making it the haven of bird life. The birdwatchers and bird photographers must include the Akagera area in their itinerary. Migratory birds such as crested barbet, terns, hornbills, shrikes, orioles, black-headed weavers, and many others inhabit the area. To accurately be able to locate the birds, East Africa Safari Guides will arrange a birdwatcher guide for you. When booking, we will advise you of the best time for this tour and provide all the essential equipment to enable you to take the perfect photograph.

Game drives: 

Suppose you want to experience the dramatic wildlife safari in Rwanda. In that case, Akagera National Park is the only place to engage on a wildlife viewing safari in 4 x 4-wheel safari vehicles. Also, walking safari in Akagera National Park Rwanda is another opportunity to see the wild animals up-close; the park is home to different animals such as Lions, elephants, vervet monkeys, defassa waterbucks, elands, baboons, rhinos, duiker, kobis, topis, mongoose. Usually, game drives are done twice daily, early morning and evening, when animals are very active. However, at East Africa Safari Guides, we offer unlimited mileage. You can always discuss with your safari guide to decide what you want your day to be like.

Akagera National Park
Game Drive in Akagera National Park

Camping Safari Adventure in Akagera National Park

Like other National parks in East Africa, such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Amboseli National Park, Akagera offers a breathtaking wildlife camping safari adventure. Travelers can camp at Mutamba Akagera campsite, Shakani Akagera campsite, or Mayumba campsite. Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy the camping safari experience in Akagera National Park; small, comfortable glamping tents are set on the ground for you. One of the best experiences is hearing hyenas call at night or lions roaring miles away. It is expected to see animals such as zebras, antelopes, and elephants around the campsite, making your stay in Rwanda the ultimate safari experience.

Finish activities

At the edge of the Akagera National Park, there’s a small lake called Lake Shakani, one of the stunning lakes in Rwanda’s National Park. The main activity here is fishing sport conducted every evening by the tourists; you will be provided with fishing equipment if you are lucky enough to catch some fish then will be used for the barbeque later in the evening, apart from fishing activities in Lake Shakani, there plenty of birds, which make it the best area for birding in Akagera National Park. 

Where to stay in Akagera National Pak

Inside and outside the Akagera National Park are many safari lodges and tented camps, both budget and luxury; our sales team at East Africa Safari Guides will carefully propose the best accommodation that fits your budget. Few lodges, such as Karenge Bushacamp Akagera, offer a comfortable stay, international cuisine, and continental breakfast.

How to go to Akagera National Park

There are various ways to get to Akagera National Park; the park is located 110 kilometers from the city of Kigali, which is about a 3-hour drive; you can also fly into the Akagera National Park if you prefer. Communicate with our Rwanda safari consultant at the time of reservation.

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