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Mountain Trekking in East Africa

Trekking is one of the easiest ways to enjoy long walks, keep fit, and enjoy nature. There are numerous trekking sites in East Africa for anyone looking to go on a trekking trip. However, a mountain trek needs an experienced tour guide.

If you are new to trekking, you must start with smaller trekking trails. The essence of the trek is to engage nature and challenge your endurance. If you are looking for a place to go hiking, East Africa Safari guides can help you get the best trekking destinations in East Africa.

Mountain Trekking in Kenya

Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya remains among the least explored trekking grounds among other East African destinations. However, it is a rich experience to encounter the panoramic views on the slopes of Mount Kenya. If you wish to do something spectacular, take on a mountain trekking challenge. Climb the four peaks, Lenana, Batian, and Nelion. Batian is the highest peak at (5200m). Trek through various routes like Naru Moru, Sirimon, and Chogoria.

Watch the sunrise on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The convenient mountain huts make the journey worthwhile while bringing in some comfort. At point Lenana, watch the stars close to the earth and enjoy the most thrilling experiences. The highland forests and dense bamboo lead to a beautiful peak where you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro on the horizon.

Mt. Elgon

Mount Elgon trekking is another place where you can enjoy a fun hike. Clear your mind and connect with nature as you traverse the thick forest with animals like elephants, monkeys, buffaloes, and antelopes. The animals will make your adventure memorable. Additionally, get to experience the caves and waterfalls on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

There are five major peaks on Mount Elgon. You can trek the mountain from the Kenyan or Ugandan side.

Mountain trekking in Uganda


Ruwenzori mountains in the western part of Uganda and DRC is yet another place to trek. It boasts the third-highest peaks in Africa, making it challenging enough for anyone looking for a hiking adventure. The rocky cliffs are breathtaking, and they have nine stunning lakes.

Mountain trekking in Tanzania

Mt. Usambara

The Usambara mountain is one of the most famous spots to trek in Tanzania. The Usambara does not require the climbers to get permits and passes to hike. If you love walking, enjoy the trails. Additionally, there are accommodation facilities if you want to spend some time at the mountain. Visit the bustling markets and small towns for a relaxing trip.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is a favorite trekking destination all over the continent. It is also the highest mountain in Africa at 19,336 feet. There are more than 30,000 people who attempt to climb the mountain every year. Several routes have distinct features and things to see.

There are popular trek routes like Shira, Lemosho, and Machame. There are gorgeous views below, and the trail can take up to eight days if you are committed to it. The Uhuru Peak is the roof of Africa, offering spectacular views of the world below.

Mount Meru Trek

Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second-largest mountain. You can enjoy a 3 to 4-day trek up the mountain. The trek is vibrant with vegetation such as Fig trees and wildlife like buffaloes, giraffes, and baboons. Additionally, there are hundreds of bird species to watch.

There are small huts along the route where hikers can spend the night. It is mandatory to take an armed ranger with you on the trek. Consequently, the best times to go hiking are between August and October.

Mountain trekking in Rwanda

Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi is Rwanda’s tallest peak. Trek for two days and enjoy the view below. The rolling hills and the sparkling waters of Lake Kivu provide you with picturesque views of the land below. Enjoy a night at the extinct volcanos base camp and try the summit in the morning.

There are other less popular trekking routes in East Africa. In Kenya, Mt. Longonot and Hell’s Gate are popular places for hikers. They are easy to navigate and great for beginners looking for hiking adventures.

Trekking with East Africa Safari guides

East Africa Safari guides provide the best mountain trekking tour packages. They will advise on the best places to travel and the requirements. They can help handle the process of making bookings and reservations at your hotels of choice. Also, get insights on what you need and what to carry along the trip. They will give you insights on the best places to enjoy a hike within your budget and ensure you remain comfortable throughout the journey. 

Book a mountain trekking tour with East Africa Safari guides today for your next vacation. They have everything you desire to start your next adventure. If you make it to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, you will join the elite club of hikers who make it to the top.